A special birthday gift for a special girl; Molly Brown Jewellery review

Tig’s birthday always comes around really quickly after Christmas, and it’s inevitable that we have a real struggle to think up original ideas as to what to get her. 

This past weekend, she turned six, and as I’ve already gushed about, she really does seem so grown up compared to this time last year. She has her own interests and passions and understands about caring for things which are precious to her – a real change from the often crazy antics of a pre-schooler who you wouldn’t trust with pretty much anything small or of value, that wasn’t designed to withstand being flung across the room.

And so, this year we found the perfect gift – something she hasn’t really had before, which appeals to that side in every six year old of wanting to be a little bit grown up.

Molly Brown London Jewellery is a range of childrens jewellery launched in 1996, dubbed ‘Tiffany for girls’ by Vogue magazine. It’s collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and lockets are the perfect introduction to ‘special’ jewellery for little girls who have perhaps shown themselves to be ready for an upgrade from the endless bundles of plastic costume jewellery.



Simple and sophisticated, Molly Brown offers personalisation on many of its products, which adds to the charm and detail of it’s jewellery – making it the perfect introduction to ‘real’ keepsake jewellery, for children of any age.

Having looked at the collection, we decided on a small sterling silver locket with a star charm on it for Tigs, knowing she would love the ability to pop in a picture of her family that she cherishes (or perhaps, Harry Styles, who knows). The locket cost £55, so it’s definitely one to keep out of the

Personalised Small Lulu Locket Necklace

We took up the free personalisation offer, and our locket was beautifully engraved with an ‘I’ for our special birthday girl. (Shock horror, her name isn’t really Tigs!).

The locket arrived promptly and without any problems, and the packaging was testament to the quality of the contents. In a very grown up looking jewellery bag and box, with signature Molly Brown colours of pink and brown, the gift packaging needed no further wrapping and took pride of place amongst Tig’s other gifts on her birthday morning.

I did of course have a sneaky peek before the main event, and was so pleased with the locket itself. Small and dainty, shiny and sparkly, it was as beautiful as the website images and just what I had hoped it would be. It was also so shiny that it was really difficult to photograph without getting the reflection of me in!

On her birthday, Tigs clocked the bag straight away and whilst I was worried that she may look for the ‘big toy gift’, she was absolutely in love with her locket. Frankly, the toys came in gifts from other people, and our house is disappearing in a sea of plastic, it made a real refreshing change to find something different and special to gift our daughter on her birthday. But most importantly, she absolutely loved it.

Tigs wore her locket all day long and was really sweet about it – not wanting her coat done up so people could still see it, and taking really good care of it as she seemed to realise it wasn’t a toy necklace like the others she’d had before. It reminded me so much of my own first pieces of silver jewellery I received as a child, that I adored and kept safe in a special jewellery box. It made me feel trusted and happy, a feeling I’ll never forget.

Molly Brown is definitely a site I’ll be returning to in the future. It has some beautiful collections for special occasions like First Holy Communion, 18th and 21st plus birthday and christening gifts too. I know my nieces would love the jelly bean collection and the fairy charms would be a huge hit with the little ones.

Tig’s locket has two clasps at different lengths, so it will grow with her, and I believe is a gift that will not only cement memories of a very special (and snowy) sixth birthday, but of the feeling of growing up, and being loved by her Mummy and Daddy.


Disclosure: We were sent the Molly Brown locket in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.




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