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Despite being a summer girl through and through, I have no shame in admitting that this time of year brings out a totally different side to me. One who loves to get all of the blankets, onesies and slippers out by dusk; candles lit and mood lighting twinkling. Saturday nights are all about a big family meal followed by Strictly and popcorn, and there is something so lovely about cosying up as a family in the warmth while the cold weather sets in out in the darkness. 

I was asked by Cool Clobber if the kids would like to try out some of their products recently, and their huge collection of character pyjamas, slipper and blankets seemed made for this time of year. In fact, the girls were in desperate need of some new slippers to race around our hard wood floors in as the temperature drops (far too many stubbed toes too!) and can a child ever have too many blankets?

Cool Clobber Limited

As an added bonus, the team behind Cool Clobber also threw in a pair of PJs for me, so that’s my Saturday Night attire sorted for the winter!


Kids Slippers

Reviewing the Slipper range available on Cool Clobbers was the easy bit – choosing the right pair for the girls not so much! Do I go the same, different, will I pick each the one the other wanted? With Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, Paddington, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig as well as Avengers, Star Wars and Spiderman there was plenty of choice. Prices were really reasonable ranging from £6 to £9 a pair; mental note to revisit at Christmas!


In the end I opted for My Little Pony for six year old Tigs, and Hey Duggee for the Mouse (It was the ears that sold it for me).   The slippers arrived in great quality and fitted true to size. Tigs has in the past been a bit funny about wearing slippers (hot feet?) but she love love loves these and says they’re really cosy. The perma-cold mouse (she takes after her mother) needs no encouragement to get her hygge on (even in mid summer) so the fluffy hey Duggee slippers were an instant hit too.

Fleece Blankets

The girls were also gifted a fleece blanket each. Again, spoilt for choice with Trolls, Shimmer & Shine, Jo Jo Bows, Paw Patrol and more to choose from, I spent far longer than is normal procrastinating over my order.

Finally it came down to a purple (her favourite colour) My Little Pony blanket for Tigs and an Ariel mermaid blanket for our very own Creature from the deep.  The blankets arrived rolled with a card tube keeping them together. The blankets are single layer fleece with a sewn edge and are a generous size without being too bulky. Perfect for Saturday night movie nights, camp building purposes, long car journeys or even as an extra cosy layer at bedtime.

Mums love Disney Too

Okay, so I have to admit, despite being on the closer-to-40 side of my mid thirties, inside me there is still a Disney loving seven year old. One who definitely still believes in fairies (and who incidentally also has an affinity for stars). I’m over the moon with my new Tinkerbell PJs, but as a side note I’d point out that even having sized up (who wants figure hugging jim jams?) these slim fit legs still came up small on my skinny little legs. Something to bear in mind.


The big reveal

I have to admit, with birthdays around every corner and Blog deliveries becoming ‘the norm’ I’m trying to figure out ways of making gifted products more for a special occasion or reward in our house. No one wants to raise spoilt brats do they?! (Any other bloggers having this issue?!). So anyway, we kept these items back until the right moment, and to celebrate the end of half term, we created a magical moment watching the fireworks on Guy Fawkes night from our loft extension. A bundle of blankets, hot chocolate and nibbles, and with the girls new snuggle gear it made a really beautiful memory for our little family.



**To make use of the MMT discount code simply enter

WELCOME10 at the checkout of your first order**

Disclosure we were gifted these items in exchange for an honest review

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