#SmileWith Smiggle launches at Bluewater @Smiggle_

As a child I would have LOVED Smiggle. Stationery heaven and a colourful, scentiful blissful assault on the senses. It’s no wonder our girls are huge fans, as it’s been somewhat encouraged by my own love of the brand. Glitter and fur, rainbows, pinks and purples, cute animals and magical creatures, scented gear, pencil cases and water bottles… I want it all. 

We were invited over to the Bluewater branch of Smiggle to check out their newest line of products; Smile with Smiggle. A new range of jewellery and accessories that follow the trademark Smiggle ethos.

Amongst the range you can find bracelets and headbands, necklaces, rings and accessories; all with colour, fun, charm, character and most of all that all important smile and a giggle.

These are exactly the kind of things my girls love to play with, and would make the perfect Christmas gift for a little girl, or one of the many kids parties we attend on a monthly basis.

Inside the store the girls had their faces (and hands) painted by the most talented face painter I’ve ever seen! They were happy with their face paint and a balloon, but with some spending money of £10 each, they could choose something to take home with them.

Literally like kids in a sweet shop the girls loved rummaging through the gorgeous products, and like magpies to the sparkle there were several ‘Put that on your Christmas list’ moments!

You have to love the randomness of kids, and regardless of any Mum-couragement towards sensible, useful or practical items, they knew exactly what they did (everything) and didn’t want. So all set with their ‘Boxing pens’ (?!), a keyring, a pair of cat ears headband (Mummy’s suggestion for Mouse) and a pencil sharpener (for a two year old who doesn’t have the foggiest what a pencil sharpener is for), we left the shop with two kids, over the moon with their sparkly haul.

Even Mum couldn’t resist a sneaky purchase of a new water bottle for Tigs to add to the overflowing kids cup cupboard. #Oops.

We’ll definitely be back for some Christmas shopping, and sending Father Christmas in Smiggle’s direction too 😉


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


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