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It’s crazy to think we are already in the run up to the final term before the end of the current school year, and with school places announced last month for many parents, now is the time to start panicking about purchasing school uniform online, getting ahead of the game and last minute out of stock situations.

It’s all such a big unknown that first big uniform shop – I remember all too well messaging other Mums with kids in the years above ours, asking for a full and honest breakdown of what the kids really need. That shopping list is not for the faint hearted and some honest and experienced advice can go a long way in telling you what you really do, and don’t need.

Winter and summer uniform, ties, book bags, drinks bottles, PE kit, sun hat, PE bag, new shoes, socks, tights…long sleeves, short sleeves, how many of each….there’s one item that’s all too easy to overlook; name tags. Adding these to the top of your list will make sure all those items make their way home right through the entire school year.

At our daughters school, the badged cardigans worn all year long cost around £15, and it always amazes me how often the class Mum whatsapp group messages arrive – ‘has anyone taken home XXX’s cardigan/jumper by mistake?’. Losing a rubber is one thing, but when you’ve JUST forked out for a couple of brand new knitwear pieces, you really don’t want to be rummaging around in lost property again.

We actually thought we were winning at life because we were given a set of name labels when Tigs started pre school, so I never really considered buying any more. They were gorgeous, old school, stitch in reels with little embroidered labels – exactly what I had stitched into my tie when I was a little girl. The night before the first day at school I no longer would have described it as winning, when having sewn the labels into two cardigans, two pinafores and two ties, I was cursing how long this was taking and resorted to grabbing a permanent marker to scribble name and class into the six shirts, coats, summer dresses and PE kits.

Oh the joy when I realised I’d written the wrong class on every single item.

Needless to say we have learnt along the way, and when the Mouse starts her new Nursery in September, there won’t be a needle and thread in sight. Labelling has moved on, and there are so many more options than sew in tags.

My Nametags have sent us some samples of their colour sticker range – a totally customisable design which allows you to create the perfect label for your child. With bright images and background, coloured fonts and space even for a phone number if you wish, there is no reason why your child shouldn’t be able to spot their belongings amongst the sea of stuff at school.

For our two girls, we went for designs that represented their personalities.

For Tigs, our little nature lover, a field background with a tree and her name in green.

For The Mouse, who in contrast is our water baby, obsessed with mermaids, Nemo, the ocean and all things that splash – a baby fish with a beach background, and her name in pink.

Obviously, these designs are for your benefit, and we have the real versions ready to stick on EVERYTHING!

We’ve given them a trial run and stuck them onto water bottles, lunch boxes, coats and bags. They are perfect for the girls to spot easily, and for me to pop on without any hassle. So quick and painless, literally stick them on to a clean dry surface (care label if on clothes) and you are good to go.

Unlike some other brands of name labels, these are really reasonably priced – just £11.95 + £1PP for 56 tags. That’s less than one cardigan 😉

We have even used them on the girls toys – the ones they both have the same of which causes no end of disagreements! You can really use your imagination for what you could label.

My Name Tags have provided a set of name labels for one winner in a giveaway – so if you would like to win a set of name tags for your little one, head over to my GIVEAWAYS page here.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, we received a set of my name tags for our daughters in exchange for this honest review.

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