Sending Christmas Cheer with @theWhistlefish (Review)

Once the heating is on and the leaves have turned golden, it’s only right that our thoughts turn to preparation for Christmas, however it may look in 2020.

I have mixed feelings about how a perhaps quieter Christmas might be. On one hand, an opportunity to slow down and simplify a somewhat excessive and commercial time of year, yet unsure how Christmassy it will be if we cannot share it with the people we love.

Of course, it may be more important than ever in 2020 to send love and thoughts to friends and family, given there may be less opportunity to pass on festive cheer in person. Perhaps exchanging cards could, in 2020, make a comeback in the same way shopping locally, taking walks and baking sourdough did.

Over the course of 2020 we all adapted to finding new ways to shop and continue in any way we could to keep life normal. Like many, I avoided high streets, malls and even supermarkets as much as I could, and found one particular essential item tricky to come by through online options; the humble greetings card.

Of course birthdays were not cancelled, and there was even more reason to get that card to somebody who you wanted to know you were missing.

I tried some of the usual big online brands initially. Personalising, pre ordering to arrive direct on a given date and footed a huge bill for the overpriced cards to arrive days late. It wasn’t financially viable to continue using these options and I wasn’t over happy with the quality or service.

Asking around, I was introduced to Whistlefish by my mother in law. I have to say, this is one reccommedation I have been gushing about and passing on ever since.

Whistlefish is based in Cornwall and offers high quality greetings cards at a reasonable price. Sustainably sourced and in beautiful designs, they have become my go to for filling my box of cards for all occasions. At £8 for 10 cards and free delivery over £25, there is plenty of opportunity to stock up for months at a time at a price you would struggle to beat on the high street.

With no plastic wrap, vegetable based inks and 100% recycled paper the brand ethos appeals to my personal values and this is a small business I’m delighted to support.

Having gushed about Whistlefish on my social media, they contacted me to review their Christmas range for 2020, which offers the same quality, value and sustainability as their original range.

The Festive collections from Whistlefish offer a premium and standard format – with the kind of cards you would be delighted to send and receive. At 15 for £8 or 5 for £10 for the larger luxury cards this is another great value range.

I really love the 2020 specials featuring Santa using hand sanitiser and Rudolph in a mask… or for the more sentimental some really heartfelt messages for people you want to send a special wish to this Christmas.

Even better, the Christmas cards support The Princes Trust, a fantastic charity which has helped generations of young people get on their feet which after this year is more important than ever.

I’ve also invested in a Whistlefish tin which is the perfect place to store your cards until you need them and will replace a battered old shoe box I have had since approximately 1996.

I can’t be the only one who has been searching for a brilliant online, affordable card company… so I’m more than happy to share the love.

You heard it here first. . Check them out – you won’t regret it.


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