Selling your home? Here’s a good place to start…

The property market is red hot right now. It’s inevitable that you, like me, have probably had conversations that go along the lines of ‘Their house was valued at HOW MUCH?…maybe we should get ours valued?!’.

It’s a huge step and with so much competition out there its hard to know where to start. Who do you choose to represent you and your home when it comes to the crunch? Do you go with your instinct, call the first agent that springs to mind? Spend all day on google looking up local estate agents, or worse still, on the phone to said agents finding out what services they offer and more importantly what that is going to cost you. As a busy parent, there is NOTHING worse than lingering phone calls during the day. Life admin and kids don’t mix.

So here is one potential solution…

The concept itself isn’t anything new – an online comparison site. The application however is pretty novel – you can use it to compare estate agencies in your area and online for not just fees, but also details on what contracts apply, where your home will be advertised, and what s included.

The biggy with this site is that here we are talking big bucks that can be saved. It’s easy to lose sight of real cash flow when buying a home – but a 0.1% reduction in fee with a £300,000 home sale equates to a real saving of £300. This isn’t monopoly money, it’s a weekend away, a new sofa, a shopping spree of dreams. And you can easily shave off a lot more than 0.1% when it comes to fees, so imagine multiplying that saving up and pocketing thousands.

That said – you may choose to go with a higher fee agent to secure the best service. That part is up to you -but what netanagent offers you is a platform to compare all the options. You still invite the agents over to value the house, and ultimately, can make a call based on your own personal values and needs. An estate agent may offer you that middle man service you need to make the sale happen – they work damn hard for their fee and some will make it their mission to progress your sale. However, that’s not everyones bag. If you feel you could take the reigns, an online option may be worth considering. Netanagent will walk you through all the options in your area.

The service is free, so there isn’t really anything to lose? And not a stuffed toy, or gimmick in sight…

This is something I didn’t know existed, and I think it’s something I would definitely use if and when we move on to that forever home…by the sea, with endless gardens and a log burner. One day.



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Disclosure: Post in collaboration with netanagent.

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