Review: Muddy puddles EcoSplash childrens raincoat

Having agreed to review a Muddy puddles EcoSplash childrens raincoat, I wondered if I might have to get the garden sprinkler out and get creative, as August heatwaves probably aren’t the best time to review an Autumn / Winter range of wet weather gear.

But then again, this is British summertime, and the good old blighty weather didn’t let me down.

Having packed the Muddy puddles fleece lined rain mac for a weekend away to the Kent coastal town of Broadstairs (our annual fave seaside Beano), we were struck by an autumnal weather front on our last day.

Beach tanning time 0 – Raincoat review time 1.


There are loads of reasons why I love this kids product. As a Biologist, and a  modern day tree hugger I am all over the fact it’s made from recycled material – not that you would ever know it from the quality of the jacket. Muddy puddles new Eco range boasts a cutting edge regeneration technology for the Eco range; a testament to it’s commitment to provide planet-friendly products to it’s customers. How cool is that.  The fabric itself is light, but totally hydro-phobic, incredibly snuggly and absolutely non-crunchy. Because there’s nothing worse than seeing your tots frustration when their outerwear holds back that hand eye coordination they have been mastering for the last year or two…


Muddy puddles stocks a wide range of wet weather gear – jackets, trousers and the all important puddle suit all in one. If you have an adrenaline junkie like us, the latter is a total necessity come the autumn season. We opted for the jacket as we already have a puddle suit, and with a tiny two year old it’s going to fit her FOREVER. Having said that, our summer puddle suit might just be upgraded to a fleecy lined Muddy puddle version as I am totally in love with the brands products. (Lusting after the sherpa fleece too).  I think someone else was over the moon just to be in an item of clothing not previously loved by her big sister…


Our ecosplash jacket in ‘pink leaf’ design retails at £40 RRP and is available in the brand new season collection at freshly launched this week. Some of my favourite features include the high visibility trimmings, the elasticated cuffs and, of course, the super cosy fabric. Plus, the fact that it’s green – whilst being pink.


With the product starting at age 2-3, we are going to be loving this jacket for a good year or two ahead! I think the phrase is ‘room to grow’…




Disclosure: I was sent our Muddy Puddles EcoSplash rain coat in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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