Refilling on the go with #Kambukka drinking bottles

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A few years ago I naively believed that my obsession with kids water beakers would be a phase that we left behind with nappies, dummies and sleepless nights; after all, kids beyond a certain age drink out of beakers, right?

Of course whilst this is true, it’s become more important than ever to find a reliable refillable water container that serves the family at all ages on the go; at school, on days out, long journeys. All because I like many others have taken a total 180 degrees on the attitude of ‘buying drinks when we need them’.

There are a whole host of reasons why a refillable water bottle has become an essential part of my parenting kit; partly because of ease and convenience, definitely because of a reluctance to pay the crazy overpricing costs of bottled water here in the U.K., and more than ever, to avoid adding to the plastic pollution mess that the use and bin attitude has got us into.

Our kids are required to provide their own water bottle at school or nursery, they expect to have a drink at their beck and call when their thirst grabs them, and during these warmer summer months, you never know when you might find yourself off the beaten track away from a water source. Therefore, in my backpack of mum essentials, there will always be a water bottle, and I’ve actively encouraged the kids to learn it’s okay to ask for them to be refilled.

Loads of places are now promoting their willingness to refill water bottles, whether in shopping malls, petrol stations, coffee shops or play parks, so get asking, get refilling and be the change.

This summer we were sent some refillable drinking bottles from Kambukka, a Belgian brand who specialise in drinking solutions on the go.

Curious to give them a try, we have been putting their kids drinking bottles to the test on days out this summer.

But what exactly am I looking for in the perfect kids bottle?


Let’s face it, nothing gets a child glugging water like a new water bottle. The girls faces were a picture when they opened up a parcel containing a mermaid and unicorn water bottle. With an affinity for all things land vs all things sea there were no arguments over who got which, and the bottles were filled after a quick wash and have been carried everywhere morning, noon and night ever since.

Our Lagoon bottles are a flip and lock lid which the kids mastered in no time at all. If mermaids and unicorns aren’t for you, there are a whole range of kid friendly designs from supergirl to dinosaurs, robots and aliens, or just a plain and simple character free option.

The spout design on the Lagoon cups feature a lift up cap and pull back spout, along with an angled straw which allows the contents to be drunk to the last drop. The universal lid also has a flip up handle.



Despite having found some other great designed bottles for the girls in the past, I’ve always had a bit of an issue over scaling. I have struggled with bottles that have been too big (heavy to carry, too tall to fit in rucksack side pockets) over bottles that have been too small (insufficient drinking duration!).

The Kambukka 400ml laoon hits the mark for us perfectly, and it’s wide and short shape is rucksack side pocket friendly. If you are looking to size up it’s also available in 500ml.

Anti leaks

Some of the most beautiful water bottles we have come across have ended up unused because of their sheer disastrous ability to keep the water inside the bottle in transit. Soggy books, handbag contents, rucksacks and clothes are far from ideal and nothing makes me feel ten again like saying the phrase ‘My drink has leaked in my bag’.

I have to say though, that with Kambukka despite the epic design, there is substance as well as style, and we have validated the anti leak system to the limits with no failures.

I’ve even discovered the much loved new bottles discarded on the sofa and inside the girls beds at night with not a drop soaked into the soft furnishings. And if you know, you know.


I’m sticking with the water only rule for our bottles for now to get the girls drinking more water and avoiding any sticky squash, stinky milk getting inside the gubbins of these spouts and straws. That said, the design does have an easy unscrew and wash open system.


The bottles are dishwasher safe and as with all bottles require a clean with soapy water before first use.


Hands up if you have ever bought a new bottle that smashed the first time your kid dropped it on the school run. Oh, you too?

Well I can say that we dropped our bottle from height on one of it’s first adventures and before I could say ‘oh crap I haven’t reviewed the bottle yet’ it survived blemish free. There is no room for fragility when it comes to kids water bottles, and Kambukka passed the test.

In order for a plastic bottle to be a sustainable choice, it has to be robust enough to pass the test of time. I’m confident that with the right care, these bottles won’t be in the bin by the end of the summer.


Kambukka Lagoon water bottles cost around £15.95 (up to £26.95 for larger insulated versions) and are available in Debenhams, Sefridges or Robert Dyas. Alternatively you can source them online here. The price is, I feel fair given the technology, styling and robustness of these bottles. They’re built to last and

What about for Mum?

Much like the kids packed lunch on a day out, it’s all too easy to put your own hydration needs last. As an adult, we need around 1.2litres of water a day to stay hydrated – more if it’s warm or you are exercising.

It’s therefore become part of my self care routine to ensure I’m mindful about my water consumption, and carry a measured water bottle with me to track what I’m drinking, without the need to pick up single use water bottles.

Kambukka gifted me a Elton water bottle to twin the girls; it’s a 750ml lipstick pink bottle with their pending patent 3 in 1 lid design. It allows you to toggle between a free pour, push and drink or lock position, so you can choose your drinking style depending on your activity.

The bottle has a snap clean system which allows the lid components to be easily removed and replaced, leaving no hidden traps for germs to lurk and fester – and with all Kambukka bottles it’s dishwasher safe so can be given a hot disinfect using your home appliance.

As a family we are all totally sold on the Kambukka bottles for design, function and practicality. They have become firm favourites and will be seeing us through the summer of ’19 well into the coming school year.


Disclosure: These bottles were gifted, all opinions are my own

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2 thoughts on “Refilling on the go with #Kambukka drinking bottles

  1. Kim Carberry Reply

    These bottles sound fantastic. The kids one’s are very cute too!
    It really is hard to find a bottle which ticks all the boxes but it sounds like these have.

  2. Mary Brice Reply

    Well written and well done on ALL your review! This kind of bottles are necessary during your outdoor activities specially in sports.

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