Preserving Summer Memories with Cheerz Photo Canvas (review) £50 giveaway + discount code

Anyone who knows me will know I am obsessed with photography. It’s nothing new, I’ve always been the one to capture the moment, right back to the days when my party night handbag essentials included a monster of a camera and a reel of spare film. Our recent loft extension highlighted the scale of the obsession as we brought out box after box of printed images – something I’m still passionate about to date. I now create an annual album with the best picks of each months printouts.

The problem with having some incredible images in albums or even worse, inside your camera reel, is that the best of the best really deserve a little bit more airtime, don’t they?

I know that over the years we have popped a few 4×6 prints in frames on our photo wall, but there are at least a dozen of candid shots of the girls that really needed something a bit extra to truly bring them to life.

I was contacted by Cheerz to trial their app based printing site, and to specifically have a go at using the canvas printing service direct from my phone.

There were certainly half a dozen or so moments in time I wanted to freeze forever, but even still it wasn’t easy to whittle down my favourites for the canvases. Thankfully, the prices for the canvas prints are simple and reasonable and with £150 to spend I opted for two square and two rectangle after playing around with shots and frames. The options are simple and with just two sizes to choose from made the whole process super easy.

The canvas sizes are Big Square (40x40cm) £28, or Portrait / Landscape (45x60cm) £42.

Working from my phone meant there was no need to transfer onto a PC, which is always a big help when you have thousands of photos inside your smartphone. It is as simple as select, upload, edit as required and check out.

You can find the app right here:



The shots

The four summer images I chose were:

The first image is actually a variation of this shot, with the Mouse looking at the camera in front of this meadow. Taken at a family wedding this backdrop just blew me away and I love how tiny she seems gazing across, her dress blowing in the wind.

Another of my all time favourites; this was taken on the beach at Broadstairs on holiday last summer. That perfect time of day on the beach between day and night, we had the sand to ourselves and replaced the usual stress of tea and bathtime with playing on the evening sand. If there was one moment I would love to relive over and over again with my young family, it would be thi sone.

Again, last summer, Tigs and I drove past this view every week on the way to her swimming lesson. Every day she would ask what was at the top of the hill and so one evening, after swimming (in her pyjamas) I pulled up and said “Come on, we are running up the hill to see what’s there”. This photo is a constant reminder of how important it is to seize the moment, and it’s a magical memory both of us still smile about so often.

And finally, I have to say I was a little cringe about getting a photo with me in printed, because we are all pretty rubbish at that as Mums right?! However, this shot captured by my Auntie on a recent trip to Castle Farm in Lullingstone is just too special not to see it come to life on canvas. Maybe it can go in the study!

The canvases

Less than a week after clicking through the app, my prints arrived. Unmistakable in huge individual boxes, clearly branded and carefully packaged to protect the contents.



I have to say, I was quite emotional seeing the images in this scale – they really are breath taking and I am so pleased I finally did something remarkable with these shots of the girls. These types of natural shots are by far superior to the posed family portraits we famously muddled through when Tigs was ten weeks old!

The canvases are mounted onto a timber frame with a hook for easy wall mounting. They are really light and as such I may even opt for a velcro type adhesive to our freshly plastered walls. In fact – there was an option to include these at the checkout which perhaps I should have opted for.

Overall my first Cheerz experience was a positive one – simple, affordable and ultimately a fantastic product at a really competitive price compared to some other Canvas options I’ve seen before. After all, there will undoubtedly be a thousand more photos I want to celebrate in the years to come, so this definitely won’t be my last time ordering through Cheerz.



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Cheerz have offered me a £50 voucher code to giveaway – plenty to get your first Cheerz canvas project on the go, or even to fill your boots with prints, photobooks or more.

To enter simply follow the instructions on the rafflecopter widget

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Good luck!

Disclosure: We were gifted our Cheerz prints however all opinions are our own





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