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I haven’t reviewed a book since GCSE English. The days of watching your best mate try to wing it through the first couple of minutes before confessing in front of the class that she hadn’t read the book…

I’m not much of a reader myself these days (due to the inability to stay awake), well unless you can count Superworm, Wake Up Do Lydia Lou, That’s not my Fairy etc etc etc as reading. Which we do of course, read together religiously at bedtime. Reading with the girls is something I’m pretty passionate about and we always make the time to snuggle up at the end of the day and enjoy a book together.

When I saw a bloggers wanted request to review a copy of a childrens book about Music, it caught my imagination. I love teaching the kids about stuff I’m interested in – science, and music. You know, the stuff that goes a step further than the day to day education provided by Cebeebies. Okay, she is only three, but it’s pretty cute seeing her get excited about recognising species of trees…and sing along to every word of Years and Years.

So anyway, the book arrived. Spookily, on the Day Sir David Bowie passed away – guess who was smiling at us on the cover? (I do love a coincidence).


The book is exactly what I hoped it would be – a simple story about how Pop music started, how it has changed, and what it means to different people.

Since the very first people existed we have made music. But something very special happenned in the 1950s. Pop music was invented. Join us for a look at the people who make and listen to pop music as we explore why it is quite so magical.

-Fisherton Press

Initially, I thought Tigs may have been a little too young (almost four) to understand the concept, but she ‘read’ it back to me and seemed to have taken a huge amount of it in. She asked lots of questions about the people in the pictures and loved the end (I won’t spoil the surprise).


All in all, it’s definitely a refreshing change from our usual reads – Mummy loved reading it (and spotting the Musical cast in the illustrations) as much as Tigs enjoyed it being read, which, lets be honest, isn’t always the case at the end of a long day. (The book is relatively short too, just right for tired Mummies and young children).

Book review done. This time we definitely did read the book.


POP! For Kids (ISBN978-0-9930773-3-3) 2016 is written by Jude Rogers & Alex Farebrother-Naylor and available from www.Fishertonpress.co.uk RRP £6.99

I was sent a copy of POP! For kids by Fisherton Press in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.




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  1. heelstowellies Reply

    My 4 Year old LOVES music and has just really started to enjoy reading so this sounds perfect to keep his interest!

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