Online invitations for post lockdown birthdays

Would you believe it, my birthday is in a few days time, on June the first. Which means here in the UK I am officially having the first post lockdown birthday party. Well, provided that is you class a party as me, Dad Muddling Through and the kids, and two other people two metres away.

But turning 39 in 2020 means that in the next 365 days or so, my school year will all be turning the big 4-0, and I already this week received my first save the date and fortieth party invitation.

As strange as it may seem, now is the perfect time to start thinking about social events for the year ahead. We can all only work on the assumption that Covid-19 will be behind us, and even if social distancing is still somehow in place, we have to have hope that the day will come when we can celebrate good times once again with those we love. Because if we don’t have hope for a brighter future, what do we have?

I’ve been thinking for a while about how I would like to celebrate my big milestone birthday, and whilst some opt for high end weekend getaways with the girls, family holidays or even glitzy bars, I think what I would really love is a good old fashioned knees up.

I’m talking the kind of do where your Aunties can have a dance, no one needs to worry about a babysitter (unless they want to leave the kids at home!), the music is loud, and the drinks are flowing.

I’d really love to recreate the amazing festival themed kids party of 2015, with a more grown up edge. A project to throw myself into and a celebration to share with all my friends and family.

I’d do it all properly, with printed online invitations, a glamping vibe venue, some amazing live music and a boho Coachella dress code.

I think any build up of anticipation for a fabulous event begins with the emotions generated when you open that invite. So to make an event really and truly memorable, special and unique, going in with a hard copy, , feel it between your finger tips online birthday invitations are a no brainer. It has to be perfectly you – from the colours, the paper stock to any special features you want to personalise; spectacular starts here.

(except I’d use my face, obvs)

Of course no one will ever be able to predict the weather, but rain never stopped Glastonbury eh?

So this year will be all about planning. With Dad Muddling Through turning 40 before me, this side of Christmas, and with other big milestones in the pipeline (surprise 60th birthday party invitations to sort out), now couldn’t be a better time to think about all the good times ahead, and get those plans in place.


Disclosure: Collaborative post.

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