Ollie & Leila Childrens bed linen review

There a few better simple pleasures in life, than new bedding. Fact. In the total selflessness that motherhood brings, I get a weird amount of satisfaction from making the girls up deliciously cosy fresh new beds for them to dive into, bathed, in clean PJs and smelling like soap. 

I was asked by Ollie and Leila, a British children’s bedroom brand if ‘I’ would like to review one of their children’s bed linen sets. Having taken a peep at their site, I picked out the Butterfly-Flutterby Single Duvet set. Knowing Tigs would be delighted with some Lepidoptera linen, it was the obvious choice. It also matches the brights on whites colour scheme of her bedroom.


The set arrived beautifully packaged in perfect condition. Well, apart from some expected creases – it is 100% cotton after all.

img_6018  img_6039 img_6019

A totally bemused Tigs then watched me drag out the ironing board from under a hundred coats, and attempt to iron the bedding to ensure it achieved it’s full glory in the shots on this review post. To say that is a novelty is the understatement of the year. If an amateur like me can get the creases out, it’s fair to say you can too.

img_6031 img_6043

Happy with the fruits of my labour, I set up the bed. The linen  was of lovely quality; thick and crisp. Each butterfly adds a different colour and texture, and children would love the bold patterns. It’s perfect for a child’s bedroom.


The pink trim around the seams is a pretty touch, and the signature Ollie & Leila tag is the stamp of quality on the set.


The bedding is machine washable at 30 degrees, and tumble-drys which is a pretty essential feature for me. Anyone who has ever had a sick child knows you can never have too much machine washable bedding.

img_6028 img_6034

But the most important factor of all when it comes to bedding has to be how blissful the nights sleep was?

Let’s just say we had one very happy customer…the only negative to this product is that we struggled to get Tigs up for school on Monday morning.

“But it’s too cosy in my bed Mummy…”



Disclosure: We were sent the bedset in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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