Num Noms series 4 Toy REVIEW and #Giveaway

It would seem this summer we have been chief toy testers here at MMT HQ. This week we were invited to review the brand new series 4 Num Noms. I have to admit, I initially had absolutely no idea what a Num nom was, and the girls certainly didn’t. However after a quick google and investigation into exactly what these little toys are, I just knew the girls would love them.

The new toys were pulled out of the bag at the perfectly timed moment to divert a summer holiday low episode, and the packaging alone got the girls so excited. They didn’t really have a clue what was inside, but they were bright, colourful, glittery and smelt all fruity and delicious, that was enough to get them squealing with delight.

Whilst Tigs tore into the Lunch Box deluxe set (RRP £16.99), the Mouse was happily distracted by the Num Noms magazine, complete with the all important free toys attached to the front cover.

As we unpacked, the concept became clear. The box contained two (thank goodness) ‘Nom”s; Food themed glittery lip glosses which smelt all fruity and have little character faces on the hard outer shell.

Then, to complete the Num Nom, there were 9 ‘Num’s, a soft rubbery outer character which stacks on top of the Nom to create a fusion of flavours and smells.

Our set also contained a mystery Num, which happily made our num to nom ratio complete and most importantly, divisible by two.

The Num Noms Recipe

Our girls are five and two and a half. Tigs, at age five is at the perfect age to love these squishy little collectables. Her sister maybe a little too young to understand the concept of collecting, but in the way siblings always want what the other has, they did me proud by sharing out their new haul.

Tigs has literally spent hours playing with these Num Noms since we opened them. She’s kept them all in the case for storage and her little imagination has been on overtime creating little stories between the characters, stacking them up, arranging them out and rearranging them. She knows her favourites, and all of ours already and the choc-mint combo is a winner!

The Num Noms magazine contains a whole load of all the things you expect to find in a kids magazine – colouring in, games, stories, stickers and toys. A perfect accompaniment to the toy set and definitely a must pack item for our upcoming summer holidays.

What I love about the Num Noms is their unique randomness, but wholehearted appeal to little kids. Collectible, cute, pocket sized nick nacks – all the things my kids seem to be obsessed with. There is such a huge range to collect and I can only imagine the possibilities once you get really into these things.

This may be our first Num Nom experience, but I have no doubt that it will not be the last…


Num Noms and MMT have a Num Noms series 4 Deluxe lunch box set

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We were sent a selection of Num Noms in exchange for an honest review.

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