Num Noms Pancake Day challenge 2018 #NumNomsPancakeDay

Good Morning, and happy shrove Tuesday! So whether you’re planning on cooking up some pancakes for breakfast, lunch or tea, I hope there are pancakes on the menu at some point today…

This year, we’ve been put to the challenge by the guys at Num Noms to create the best pancakes with some treat-tastic ingredients…the perfect activity for the kids on half term.

Alongside the Num Nom pancake kit, we got to try out some other little sweeties – the Num Nom series 4.1 deluxe pack, two Num Noms lights and a couple of mystery pots.

We are no strangers to Num Noms and the girls were over the moon to be adding to their collection of Nums and Noms from 2017. Always ones to love stashes of little trinkets, the combination of cute characters and kid friendly toy make up is a winning combo with our girls. 

The light up Noms were a huge hit – as were the nail varnishes. And the girls did amazingly well at sharing them out evenly between themselves…working out who had more or less and looking through their ever growing collection.

On with the job in hand, I set the girls to work on creating their pancake masterpieces, with a little help with the hot parts from Mummy.

The sugar police might have had a heart attack, but don’t worry I threw in a bowl of raspberries for good measure…and nutella has some good vitamins somewhere right?!

This year I’ve taken a short cut and gone with the just add water mix – but if you need a pancake recipe straight from Nanny Muddling Throughs stolen Good Housekeeping book, there’s one in last years pancake day recipe post.

With the girls making sure the shaky shaky step was thoroughly completed, they opted for a heart shaped pancake (loving this pan, and that’s going to be re-used with an egg tomorrow on valentines day for Daddy’s breakfast).

The mouse took a no nonsense approach and coated her heart shaped pancake with chocolate spread, a good helping of marshmallows and sprinkles and a final sprinkling of candy floss.

Tigs on the other hand loaded up her pancake yet preferred to eat the toppings straight from their containers.

When it comes to pancakes, I am a total purist and couldn’t contemplate anything other than sugar and lemon on my classic crepe.

(And let’s not even go there about Dad muddling throughs late entry to the Pancake champion challenge).

We all agreed, with no bias that the crowning champion when it comes to whipping up the perfect pancake, goes to Mummy. After all, the kids were more interested in eating all the sweets.

Me? Competitive? Nah…



Disclosure: We were sent the pancake kit and Num Noms for the purpose of this review and pancake day challenge. All opinions are our own

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