Num Noms Easter Hunt #NumNomsEasterHunt

With Easter weekend upon us, it’s inevitable our kids are going to be showered with chocolate and sugar from dawn till dusk and we’ll be out of cupboards to hide it all in before the weekend is over. We actually binned a couple of easter eggs left over from last Easter this week, to make room for the new stuff! Aaarggh!

So, it goes without saying that I’m all for a sugar free Easter activity or gift as much as the next Mum. I’m not the sugar police, but it’s safe to say the kids will get enough chocolate from other sources this weekend to keep us going for the next twelve months or so. And yes, we still have Christmas chocolate left too.

So what would my kids like to hunt for if not Easter eggs at Easter?

Num Noms. That’s what.

Because since last year, the girls have been obsessing over these sweet scented little squishies. They have a vast and growing collection of Num Noms, which they can split into ‘yours and mine’ in a way that baffles me. They have the light up rings, the nail varnish, the lip glosses, but there are ALWAYS room for more Num Noms. I guess that’s the thing with collectibles…they’re so damn, well, collectible.

This Easter I gratefully received an Easter Num Nom hunt pack to get the kids in the mood for Easter. The girls were set on a task to try and locate the newbies from the series 5 box, as well as some series 4 surprise pots.

It didn’t take too long for them to sniff out the goods, with just a little bit of ‘warm, warmer, HOT’ going on from me. Sadly the girls didn’t quite make it to writing down their new Num Nom names on the sheet before the new arrivals were bundled in with the rest of the collection.


Still, with more Num, Nom fun ahead in the form of an Easter craft session, the girls were H A P P Y. Glue, glitter, paint…heaven! I just had to take a deep breath, get stuck in with them, and try and ignore the painting and gluing of the kitchen worktop.

We had a fab afternoon painting eggs, making bunting and generally making  a big sparkly mess. Although as I’m sure you’ll agree, it was a fine effort, and I’m sure some Easter Decorations which will be enjoyed for many years to come.

As, I’m sure will the Num Noms obsession!

Happy Easter


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