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I fall into the same trap every summer. End of July I’m totally breezing into the holidays declaring we don’t ‘need’ anything for September, having adopted more of a ‘buy as needed’ approach to school uniform. However, as July fades and August rolls by, the list maker in my mind starts realising all the stuff I actually DO need to get sorted for the new school year.

For example, this year Tigs is going into year two; her lunchbox from last year is a biohazard that could frankly do with incineration despite daily decontamination of spilt yogurt, crisp crumbs and leftover fruit remains.

That, in addition to a new pair of plimsolls and school shoes as we managed to stretch last years right through the whole school year. Just…

Plus the school has introduced a new embroidered PE kit, thanks for that, and I always think the start of the new school year justifies some new knickers, vests and socks.

Then there is the Mouse. Super excited to be starting at the school pre-school having said goodbye to her old nursery at the end of term. As well as the book bag and embroidered uniform she needs navy leggings, socks and a pair of school shoes too. Plus, she must take in her own water bottle, just like her big sister.

And so, it would seem my non existent list does need a little attention before the last week of the holidays after all.


Obviously, upon mention of a new lunchbox, bag or water bottle there is one shop the girls always beg me to take them to, and I guess many parents will understand the pull of smiggle being strong.

I mean, what kid (big or small) wouldn’t kill for Smiggle’s sparkly, bright range of bags and stationary that is as tactile as it is eye catching, and there will be no missing your stuff (or your kids) in a crowd.

The lovely folk over at Smiggle sent us a head start on our Back To School readiness kit… some gorgeous gear to get the girls September ready and head out of the door on their first days back with a smile and a giggle.


As mentioned, a new lunchbox was a necessity not a luxury for Tigs this year and she like most little girls has had her heart set on a Smiggle lunch bag. This blue bag with two separate insulated compartments is just the right size to fit a little girls lunch in and keep it fresh till lunchtime. Covered in some too cool for school Girl power phrases and all things nice, this is a six year olds dream bag.

Drink bottle

Unlike her sister, the Mouse will be back home for lunch, but on her must have list for her new every morning pre-school she needs a water bottle. This carry bottle complete with handles and flip top lid will be perfect for her to carry on the school run.

Not too big, not too small, this gorgeous owl design is already a huge hit with our own little night owl and I know having some special little belongings with her on her new chapter will make her feel super special and grown up.

Unicorn reversey notebook

The mouse is at that gorgeous stage where she is just beginning to write legible words and letters. She wrote her own name properly for the first time just a few weeks ago, and this sparkly notebook of her very own is the perfect way to encourage her to put pen to paper and start making her mark on this world.

Plus, it’s just like the one her sister got for her birthday so that’s a double bonus right?

Dreamy pencils

Finally, this set of motivational positive vibe pencils is the perfect touch for any girl six going on seven. With the reading firmly locked down and some occasional tricky friendship and emotional hurdles to overcome, this is the perfect way to inject a little fun and positivity in a subtle way. The pastel colours are just gorgeous and these special pencils in their extra special box deserve to be kept for those extra special pieces of work.

In fact, I’m quite tempted to nab one or two for myself for my office…

Thank you Smiggle for making two little girls very happy, and one Mum Muddling Through’s load a little lighter in the approach to the new school year.


Disclosure: We were gifted the Smiggle products in exchange for an honest review

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