New Threads for Trixie and Noah @zapfcreationuk Baby Born dolls clothes review and Baby Born Soft touch doll #Giveaway

Avid readers of my blog (ha ha who am I kidding) may remember back in the spring we were sent a couple of Baby Born toys for the girls to review. Now, I can’t lie and tell you honestly that all the freebie toys become much loved parts of the muddling through family, BUT I have to report that Trixie and Noah (as they are now known) were THE TOYS of 2018 in our household. 

I don’t know what it was about these two Baby Born dolls – the little brother The Mouse had always wanted, the big sister doll with crazy mad long hair matched only by her ‘Mummy’ Tigs, but they absolutely took on the role of being parents in a way even we hadn’t imagined.

Tigs in particular was a real surprise – at six going on seven she hadn’t previously taken much interest in the baby dolls we’d had around at home – dolls which her sister had always had more of an affinity to. But since the arrival of Trixie we have seen a side of Tigs that we all adore. A child fully immersed in imaginary play, learning to care and nurture a ‘real toddler’ and a novelty that six months on is showing no signs of fading.

Trixie and Noah have been with the girls to the beach, on holiday, to the circus, on sleepovers and dressed in an array of their old baby clothes which we saved from the loft cull of 2018. Wherever the Tigs is found, Trixie is never far away. Dad Mudding Through even received a birthday card from Trixie this year.

Noah on the other hand can often be found naked in all sorts of strange places, often in a puddle of water as the mouse has a strange obsession of stripping all toys of their clothes and giving them a wash / snack. Noah is therefore often covered in yogurt / toy make up / pen.

So it’s about time these two babies had some new clothes.

I had already noted down Baby Born accessories as an idea for Christmas, but when Zapf Creation asked if we’d like to review some Baby Born outfits it wasn’t hard to answer. In fact, I asked Tigs her thoughts and she was squealing with excitement and asking me every day if the postman had been yet…

So at the weekend, when the postman had indeed finally arrived we made the girls day by letting them dress the babies in their new clothes; A grown up tutu top and leggings (with matching hat) for Trixie, and a super cute hoodie and trousers for Noah.

Tigs found herself a new bag for all of Trixies accessories (now the collection has grown) and it hasn’t left her side since. Noah is looking warmer than ever and finally got some clothes on!

The baby born boy doll and sister doll are all a generic size so can be interchangeable between dolls – handy if Trixie ever fancies a hoodie day, or if Noah fancies a tu tu. No boundaries in this house!

I’m increasingly impressed by the Baby Born range and success with the kids – as I said with so many toys seeming a flash in the pan, it’s wonderful to see the girls really passionate about a toy over a prolonged period of time. I have no doubt that this Christmas, Trixie and Noah will have a few gifts under our Christmas tree too.



I’m teaming up with Zapf Creations to give away a SOFT TOUCH baby born doll in time for Christmas*

To win this doll, enter via the rafflecopter widget on my


Good Luck!

Disclosure: We were gifted the Baby Born Accessories in exchange for an honest review


*Competition closes 5th December 2018 and we will do our best to deliver in time for Christmas however cannot guarantee due to postal delays outside of our control. Giveaway is open to UK residents age 16+.

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