Move over Satsumas in stockings, time for Strawberry shampoo in your hessian sack; A Vosene kids giveaway

Like many Mums, I have to confess, the bulk of the kids stocking fillers are made up with bits and pieces they actually need, as opposed to high ticket items – it’s just enough to get their juices flowing and extend the whole ‘HE’S BEEN’ hysteria for as long as possible (long enough to make a brew and turn on the tree lights). 

As our elder generation love to remind us, the sack stuffed with goodies of today, used to be an actual sock, stuffed with a satsuma and if you were really lucky, a chocolate penny.

I don’t know what they were thinking – have you ever tried to get a damn satsuma juice stain off?

These days, like many of us the stocking is long gone, and in the girls personalised hessian sacks, amongst the toothpaste, socks, bubble bath and hair bobbles, will definitely be a supply of shampoo to keep their manes in check well into the spring and beyond.

Unlike bubble baths and flannels, when it comes to the girls hair, ain’t no novelty Frozen shampoo coming anywhere near their Rapunzel like locks. We have learnt over the last six years of parenting girls EXACTLY what works on their hair, and what makes school-ready-hair-mornings before school a WWF affair. Because they have some pretty serious hair going on.

LAZY SUNDAYS | Morning instagram… we are enjoying a slow start to the day. It’s what Sunday’s are all about isn’t it? Girls are being angels weirdly today and playing together like the perfect kids! (What’s Going On?!) Lapping it up with all the tea, books and TV. Not an entirely lazy day as have a christening this arvo but looking forward to catching up with friends, loving the later time slot on a Sunday – perfect for living up Sunday mornings in PJs (and dress up, obvs). x MMT . . . . . . #coolmumclub #thismamaloves #mummyshot #ukparentbloggers #myhappycapture #livingfearlesslyauthentic #pinklinker #freespiritedchildhood #secretlivesoflittles #snaphappybritmums #lionessmama #rockingmummylife #lifecloseup #funseekingkids #childofig #instamum #littlefierceones #outdoorsandfree #chasingnature #happylittlebuttons #whatevertheweather #rememberingthesedays #capturingtheday #perfectandproud #bestofmom #candidchildhood #theeverydayproject #photosinbetween #thesearethedays #inspiremyinstagram

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Having been using the Vosene Kids range for a few years now, nothing else comes close. We fell in love with the original green (lice repellant huzzah!) Vosene kids range, the detangler is a daily life saver, and the post swim hair and body wash was such a hit the hubby even pinched it for his gym bag.

Vosene Kids Shampoo

And then this summer, we were encouraged to try the fruity range – including the new Mango and Coconut which knocked the original right off it’s pedestal.

And they just keep coming – strawberry and melon varieties which make those snuggles smell out of this world, and most of all, leave our daughters frankly unmanageable hair, totally and entirely, well managed. Shiny, silky, tangle their words – like the Real Rapunzel.


So this Christmas, we’ll be filling their sacks with fruit of the Vosene Fruit collection variety, and if you’re looking for a bubbly practical present to try out on your kids this Christmas, it comes with the MMT highest recommendation.

Together with my friends at Vosene Kids, we are giving away some samples of the Vosene Fruit collection.

You can enter using the rafflecopter giveaway widget on my giveaways page HERE.

Good luck!


Disclosure: We received samples of Vosene Kids in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are genuinely mine, I really do LOVE Vosene Kids range.


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