Lunch in Bluewater; Earl of Sandwich review

Anyone who knows me, knows that when it comes to food, my last supper of choice would probably be a tie between a peri peri chicken platter or a foot-long sandwich (mentioning no names of course). It’s hardly fine dining, but I know what I like and I like what I know. So when I was invited to try out the new Earl of Sandwich branch at my local shopping mall, Bluewater in Kent, they were definitely barking up the right tree.

Bluewater is, after all, a bit of a safe haven for Mothers of Kent and the neighbouring counties. Featuring feeding rooms of dreams, family bathroom facilities, play areas, cinemas, restaurants, soft play and cafes (as well as endless shopping opportunities obvs) …it’s an all weather hang out for Mums during the long midweek days. And us Mums, we gotta eat right?

So this week, I’d arranged to meet a long time pal at Bluewater with the mouse. The perfect opportunity to check out this new eatery which is located in the heart of the food court. You can’t miss it; with bold red and white brick tiles it’s bound to catch your eye as you enter the food court.

Conveniently adjacent to the main baby facilities at bluewater, (which I noticed have had a make-over), there is plenty of seating, high chairs and just enough noise to drown out any noisy kids – lets face it, the last thing we want as parents is to be stressing over the kids bothering other eaters.

Having found a pretty perfect booth, we got to business ordering the signature freshly baked bread sandwiches. Between us we ordered an ‘Original 1762’ (Beef, cheese and horseradish) and a Chipotle Chicken Avocado, along with sides of potato wedges, sweet potato fries, diet Cokes and a kids meal for the mouse.

The kids menu offered a choice of macaroni cheese, a mini sandwich or a pizza bread. Along with a drink and side (cookie, crisps or wedges).

The kitchen is open plan, looked clean and clutter free. The food was served promptly within 5 minutes or so to our table and the staff were helpful, pleasant and professional.

The verdict on the food was a thumbs up. It made a nice change to have hot chips alongside a freshly baked baguette, oozing with warm cheesey horseradish beef. Being a creature of habit, it made a lovely change to go for something different, and whilst the food might not exactly be ‘low carb’, I’m all for a bit of carb loading – I have a school run to navigate after all; I need the energy! Plus, I tried a low carb diet once, and it taught me that carbs make me happy.

The mac and cheese went down a storm with two year old mouse (well, as good as any meal that a baby bird fussy eater goes down). The cookie definitely was her highlight!

The time slipped away as we caught up on the latest news between us, but we made sure we grabbed after dinner coffees and a brownie for good measure. If only every day could be this lovely – great company, great food (cooked by someone else) and the little one being an angel, happily entertaining herself playing peek-a-boo with neighbouring diners. Because, just for the record, life as a stay at home Mum isn’t like this every day, contrary to how some might imagine!

It’s always good to discover new eateries at Bluewater, and break free from the old routine. You’re never far from something to do other than shop at Bluewater too – feeding the ducks or a wander round the grounds is the perfect way to walk off that lunch. A good to know tip is that there is also an Earl of Sandwich at Eurodisney; something worth checking out for a low budget but premium sandwich eating experience on your holiday. I’ll definitely be adding that to my list of things to do on my dream family holiday to Disney Paris, you know, when it actually happens.

Earl of Sandwich, there’s a reason your great invention lasted 250 years! Thanks for treating this Mum to an upgrade from the usual lunchtime sandwich variety – discarded crusts of peanut butter sarnies…


Disclosure: we were provided a complimentary meal in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are genuine and my own.

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