Leesa Sleep Mattress Review, One year on

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It was exactly a year ago yesterday that I published a review post on our brand new king sized Leesa Sleep Mattress. The post did everything it should have in explaining the ordering and postal system, unpackaging process and first impressions of our brand new mattress, including those all important first nights of incredibly comfy sleep that a new mattress brings.

However, let’s be honest here, and say that when you are making a decision on a significant spend, and on something you’ll probably buy every decade or so, first impressions are only really half of the story.

As I mentioned in my original post, we have had memory foam mattresses before, and despite being bowled over by their initial comfort and snooze-ability, over time, we experienced problems with the surface becoming misshapen, leaving ‘us’ shaped indents permanently in the mattress; two people shaped craters with the Transantarctic ridge between us. (And the mattress before having kids, we would roll into the central Grand canyon in the middle of the bed every time we moved apart – how things change).

So 365 days (or should I say nights) later, how has our Leesa sleep Mattress stood the test of time?

I’m pleased to report that this year has seen a significant improvement in the sleep patterns in our home. Undoubtedly somewhat to do with our non-sleeper finally finding the joy in a whole nights kip (can we just take a moment to appreciate finally breaking the no sleep torture!), but also because our mattress has allowed us to sleep deeply, comfortably and with the exact same ‘ooh new mattress’ feeling night, after night, after night.

The contemporary design of the Leesa Sleep Mattress remans as gorgeous as the day we unrolled it and heard the fizz of air being absorbed into its pores. No bobbling or damage to the signature grey chevron cover, and no fraying, puckering or sagging of the neatly folded edges. The 4 white stripes at the foot of the bed haven’t become wavy lines, and the trademark Leesa label stands as proud as ever.

In fact, these pictures taken yesterday could have been taken the day we posted the original review.

We have used a high quality mattress protector, as we always would to prolong and preserve any quality product we invest in. I’d recommend doing the same, and choosing a waterproof yet breathable high quality cover, especially if you have little ones who like to occasionally squeeze in between your sheets.

The structure and shape of the Leesa Sleep Mattress has also remained exactly as new. There are absolutely no dents or variations in the flat level of the mattress – and unlike other mattresses in the past, we haven’t turned the mattress, it’s been used in the same position night after night. It’s even withstood the odd bounce BY THE KIDS. Although the images show how flat the mattress remains, ever the scientist, I wanted to try and demonstrate somehow…


Although the sheetless mattress is a thing of beauty, and the mattress hasn’t deformed over a year of use, the number one positive about this Leesa Sleep Mattress is the quality of sleep and level of comfort we have discovered.

3-Layer Foam Construction

5cm Cooling Avena® Foam Top LayervDENSITY: 50 kg/m3

5cm Contouring Memory Foam DENSITY: 50 kg/m3

15cm Core Support Foam Base DENSITY: 33 kg/m3

Seamless Iconic Four-stripe Cover

The 3-layer Foam construction has somehow mastered that happy place in between soft and firm – the general sensation of the mattress is supportive and flat, whilst the middle memory foam layer creates a gentle sink-in feeling around your form. Finally, that cooling Avena Foam top layer means your mattress has enough airflow so your body heat doesn’t become trapped in the mattress and leave you hot and bothered.

When it comes to buying a mattress, there really is a huge spectrum in what you can pay. The Leesa Sleep King costs £699 which I think puts it a good value mattress, middle to low end of the mattress price range. When you compare price to performance and convenience, the fact your money has been well spent puts this in a whole other category of cost vs quality – exceptional performance at a reasonable price.

So to wrap this up, I’ll end by saying that as knackered parents, we are always counting down to bedtime, but this year we’ve had even more reason to want to collapse between the sheets, and that has been thanks to the irresistible ‘ahhhhh’ sensation of our amazing Leesa Sleep Mattress.

It’s so heavenly I even found myself having a little lay down whilst taking these pictures 😉


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are own and I would rather be laying on my Leesa Sleep Mattress right now. If it’s after 9pm I probably am.

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