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If you can think of a thing, it’s likely you can get a monthly subscription to have it delivered to your door: health foods, baby gear, cosmetics, movies flowers…but as a parent of smalls, here’s one we could all do with: an indoor date night kit, the Just Us box. After all, I haven’t come across a monthly babysitter subscription yet, so this has to be the next best thing.

We’ve been mourning the death of date nights for a while now, so I, or should I say ‘we’, agreed to trial the August Just Us box. The theme was Indian Summer, pretty appropriate as it was delivered amidst the late summer scorchio heatwave.


I was pretty surprised at the weight of the box, it felt heavy with stuff and smelt incredible. The packaging and fragrance was everything an Indian Summer box should be – fragrant with incense and vibrant in bright colours and flowers.

Hands off Dangermouse, this parcel is definitely NOT for you.

I have to be totally honest here, our first attempt at the indoor date night was a complete disaster, through no fault of the Just Us Box I must add. After a long day at work, a bad day with the kids, and a late bedtime, there was more bickering over whether to light the wish paper indoor or outdoors than there was romance. I swear he dropped me on purpose during the yoga activity. But, it happens. The beauty of an indoor date night kit is if the feeling just isn’t right, there is always tomorrow. We made a unanimous decision to try again a couple of nights later. After all, the course of true love never did run smooth…


And so, with a couple of beers and a home made Indian, courtesy of Jamie Oliver (recipe pinned to my pinterest page in case you’re interested), we started over.

It may look like it’s already been eaten once, but Jamie’s Bombay Chicken and Cauli was actually amazeballs.

The box really was packed out with loads of stuff to keep you busy all evening. Ours included an incense burner and incense (which took me right back to my fifteen year old self),  a pair of Chai Latte tea bags, a meditation mat to set the scene, blindfolds (handy for kids parties), a Henna tattoo kit, flying wish paper, Holi powder, activity cards, a Karma Sutra game, a love gestures tin and a date plan.


With candles and incense burning, the activities got us off to a great start…with conversation starters around the theme and the Yoga moves re-attempted with a little more laughter, we were on a roll.

We found a happy compromise and lit the flying wish paper in the porch, away from the breeze outdoors (and the overlooking neighbours having a BBQ) and the smoke detectors indoors. These little papers might just have been my favourite part – they were so pretty and thought provoking. Seeing your wish fly up into the stars, well, porch, was really sweet.

Our love gestures written and placed in the tin kept the date going for 6 days, with little pledges of loveliness for each other – mostly centred around sleep and massages, the wished of every parent it might seem.


I was totally intrigued by the Holi powder, and whilst the date night wasn’t the right time to start chucking it around, it made me think about signing up for a colour run so I might just save it for then! Or maybe, just get the kids to come and throw it over me post run one day!

Another part of the kit we weren’t brave enough for YET is the Henna tattoo kit…the templates were so gorgeous I really was up for putting one on my foot, or leg…but with a wedding this weekend, and swimming lessons about to commence, I bottled it at the last minute – mainly due to the 6-8 week fade time. Has anyone done one? Any tips on how not to screw it up?! Such a cool thing to have though, I WILL do it one day…

The meditation was a really surprising activity. To be honest, silence at any time in our house is pretty rare, let alone together. Days are a crazy whirlwind and evenings seem to be hi-jacked by various forms of technology – games, laptops, phones, tablets…you know the score. Spending a good 20 minutes focusing on breathing and relaxing was something I’d never normally do – and he definitely wouldn’t, but it was incredibly zen. Is that the right word?!

We didn’t actually play the Karma Sutra game, but had a good giggle reading through and learning a thing or two about the seven chakras. Again, this is something I’m sure we’ll come back to and is what I love about the box – it’s not a single use item. The contents are all going to be at the back of the cupboard ready for another time we need a bit of Us time.

Next month, Just Us are running a ‘Pillows & Poetry’ theme. I can only imagine there will be some gems in that one! It’s a lovely idea – creating a den or hideaway to spend the evening in; and not a squashed raisin or spilt beaker in sight. If you fancy it, have a discount code on me (and them): MUDDLE10 : Head to JustUs to order one now.

As with all subscription boxes, they can ultimately be a luxury if purchased regularly, but I would definitely consider the Just Us box as a gift idea – Christmas, wedding, anniversary, even first baby (when you just might need it most!). Or, if you can afford it, this is possibly the best investment you’ll ever make in your relationship. A night a month with no phones, no TV, no internet, no distractions – Just Us; I think we could all use a little help with that.


tried and tested

Dislosure: We were sent a Just Us box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



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