January Survivor… #BlooMonday – Bloo Giveaway

Christmas is over.

It’s dark.

I’m skint.

My jeans feel tight.

I’ve already failed at at least two New Years resolutions.

It’s freezing.

January…it’s hard to stay positive at this time of year isn’t it? The buzz and anticipation of the Christmas Festivities, which quite frankly started before we’d even chucked out our rotten pumpkins, has left a Turkey-Baileys-credit card bill shaped hangover that’s in need of more than a couple of paracetamols and a berocca… Like, an accidental double payday, some sunshine, and maybe a summer holiday booking confirmation.

But, so so much to stay upbeat about. I can’t complain at all, having had the most amazing Christmas, a magical January family get away to Center Parcs, a kid free weekend with friends in Oxford and so much to look forward to in 2016. BUT It’s just so easy to get caught up in the day to day moans and groans, isn’t it?

I had to smile when Bloo contacted me to tell me about their efforts to cheer up the Nation this January. For starters, It made me feel like the blog queen of toilet cleaning products (I refer back to Confessions of an anti-microbial Mum)…but also, you have to love the randomness and pure silliness of their campaign…to get everyone to #keepsmiling.

On Blue Monday (#BlooMonday) (That’s January the 18th, statistically shown to be the most depressing day of the year), the team at Bloo set up a giant toilet…yes, that’ s what I said..in central London. They got passers by to write down their woes and literally flush them down the pan. Brilliant.

Bloo Monday _DSC8406 Bloo Monday _DSC8609 Bloo Monday _DSC9029 - Copy

As if that wasn’t enough, they randomly gave out blue flowers to commuters, and other little treats, to brighten up the otherwise dreary dismal January day.

Bloo Monday _DSC8605 - Copy Bloo Monday _DSC8814

You have to love that don’t you?

Finally, Bloo want me to give YOU a hamper of lovely goodies. If you fancy some FREE STUFF just leave me a comment telling me why you are a January Survivor, and we’ll pick our favourite. Keep it clean guys 😉

Keep Smiling!


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. I will pass on details of the winner to Bloo who will arrange delivery of the hamper. They’re sending me one too…wonder whats in it?! Competition closes 7th February 2016.



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