Jammie Dodgers Oaty bites; Snack Review and #Giveaway

In our home we have one vegetarian, and one fussy eater. Finding foods and snacks everyone enjoys can be a minefield, except, when it comes to one food group; on that we stand united, and that is the contents of the biscuit barrel.

Over the years we have tried many a snack option; toddler air puffs, rice cakes, endless fruit and berries, raisins, crisps, hummus and breadsticks. Yet, both in terms of cost, stock management and ease, there is a reason generations have turned to the humble biscuit for a moments solace, an after school nibble or a tea time treat. Yes, few other snacks can rival the simplicity yet goodness of a bic bic.

I once had a brilliant conversation with a U.S. based colleague about our Brits love of biscuits – which in the states he claimed are grouped under one category…a cookie. Alas, here in blighty we know our Bourbon from our custard cream, the Garibaldi, a figgy biscuit, a Nice, a Rich tea, the digestive, the (special occasion) party ring, the hob nob, and of course, the Jammie Dodger (our little Mouse’s fave).

As manufacturers have swooped in on the opportunity to capitalise on the biscuit loving nation, there is now an entire market for portable biscuit snacks for kids – the bag of mini biscuits. Ideal to chuck in a packed lunch, off on a picnic, for a post swim snack or just as a shopping trolley bribe.

Of course, as parents the pressure is on to try and get kids snacking as healthily as possible. To ease off on the sugar and to increase the good stuff. But if sometimes a biscuit it is, then there is a step in the right direction, courtesy of those folks over at Jammie Dodgers.

Recognising the gap in the market, Jammie Dodgers have launched a new version of the old favourite ‘Oaty Bites’.

Specially designed with kids in mind, the mini bags contain a teeny biscuit which is made with whole grain oats plus dried raspberry pieces and no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. It’s a source of fibre without any hydrogenated fats or GM ingredients, and it’s even suitable for my little vegetarian too.

The biscuits come in 125g multi bags of 5 and are available at Tesco at an RRP of £1.69.

The kids couldn’t wait to give these new ‘treats’ a go, and they were a huge hit – especially with our youngest who isn’t always the easiest to try new things. The biscuits don’t look like a conventional Jammie Dodger, but the taste really does resemble that tell tale raspberry goodness of the Jammie Dodger as we know it.

Each biscuit has tasty little flecks of raspberry throughout and an oaty cookie texture. Embossed with hearts and JD’s, the biscuits are teeny tiny – perfect for little hands.

Ultimately, these are still biscuits, and do contain sugar – but the sugar value is lower than other similar products on the market. I did a bit of research and whilst I won’t name and shame, I got a bit of a shock at some of the other mini biscuits marketed towards kids – this bag contains almost half the sugar of some other market leaders.

As parents, we all know about balance. Alongside an active lifestyle, plenty of fresh fruit and veg, good teeth hygiene, a (very) little biscuit here and there never hurt anybody…

If you would like to win a monster box of Oaty Bites containing a total of 60 bags, then head over to my GIVEAWAYS page. But maybe, don’t eat them all in one go 😉


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post however all opinions are my own.

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