Introducing my #BML17 sponsor @LitecupUK

It’s that time of year again when the buzz starts building for the biggest parenting blogger conference in the UK… BritMumsLive. Well, actually, this time last year, BML was a distant memory as it was held in June, but you get my drift.

It took me at least three minutes to decide whether I’d attend this year. Three minutes was about enough to locate my planner, locate the 30th September and scribble a big fat #BML17 into the empty space.

Last years BritMumsLive was my first blogging conference, and with some nerves and trepidation I set off that morning totally unaware of what I’d be walking in to.

What I expected was to meet in real life with some of the epic personalities I’d engaged with through blogging, network with some blogger friendly brands, and learn some tools of the new trade I’d found myself engulfed in.

What I didn’t expect was to not only tick off most of those objectives, but to meet a heap of new people who would become friends in real life to this day and secure a passion for my new found career. Oh, and to be party pooper of the year as I staggered home a sober and exhausted mess by the end of the day. These conferences are full on; like being on a hundred first dates ALL DAY LONG as you introduce and smile your way through about twelve hours of networking. I definitely have learnt to take a more relaxed approach to the day, and pace myself sensibly to make it to the end with enough energy to get home.

Having another conference or two under my belt since then, and with over two years blogging experience, I feel this year I have grown in confidence as a blogger and can’t wait to find out what #BML17 has in store. A new central London venue, an exciting agenda featuring some inspirational bloggerati, and a cruise along the Thames to celebrate the blogging achievements of so many other bloggers I look up to.

With thanks to my sponsor, LiteCup

This year, my attendance to BritMumsLive is sponsored by a brand that has been taken into our family’s heart this year. A children’s product that has genuinely become an everyday essential and a bedtime necessity…LiteCup.


If you haven’t stumbled across LiteCup before, you can read my original review earlier this year here. Since April when we got our hands on two of these simple looking beakers, our nights have literally been illuminated and the kids (and I) cannot live without them.

The concept is simple – this 360ºC sip, spill free beaker has a light sensitive base which operates in dim light, illuminating the entire beaker with a comforting glow. We use ours with water (to keep them nice) and the girls haven’t yelled out in the night for a drink in, well, five months exactly.

Our Litecups have travelled the UK with us on sleepovers, weekends away, holidays and camping trips, as well as the all important every day positions on our draining board / bedsides.

The cups have sadly come a cropper to a husband washing up related incident, but with a quick click of a button two replacement light bases were with us in no time (for just a couple of quid). We even mixed up the light colours to avoid any confusion over whose is whose at bedtime. We now have a matching blue and pink light to match our pink and [Elsa] blue lids. (Mummy just also got her hands on a favourite colour tastic Green litecup that’s mine all mine).


One of the things I love the most about our Litecups is the comfort they offer the kids, particularly when away from home. In alien environments they offer a nightlight comfort that is familiar with their own beds, with little fuss. Often in temporary bedtime locations, nightlights, lamps, star projectors etc aren’t included so this portable glow worm style cup has been an absolute gem of a product. (Just remember to send instructions to the grandparents ‘Do not wash me up!’).

The litecup family includes a junior, toddler and super cute baby sized cup. This year I backed a kickstarter campaign to pledge my belief in the concept of an adult active litecup – I seriously want one. Imagine how good that’d be running at dusk? Or in the car on long evening drives…a bedtime cup that I won’t knock over myself in the night (yes I have), or wake up to the sound of the cat lapping up my water, ugh. Watch this space!

And so, if you want to come and say hi to me at #BML17 please please do! You may not know me by face, but I’ll be the one rocking the disco cup on the twilight cruise, and you’ll all be wishing you had one too to give me a big fat litecup disco cheers…


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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18 thoughts on “Introducing my #BML17 sponsor @LitecupUK

  1. The Mummy Bubble Reply

    I’ll see you there! Its my first BritMums Live, I’ve only been blogging three months but I didn’t want to miss out as it sounds brilliant. These cups look brilliant, could be a good solution for my toddler. X #coolmumclub

  2. Tracey Abrahams Reply

    These should come in adult sizes too. I always worry about knocking my cup of the bedside table at night when reaching out to get a drink. #coolmumsclub

  3. beautybabyandme Reply

    Ahh I am so sorry I won’t be there with you at BML this year! But I can’t wait to hear how it goes. And what a fab sponsor – I’ll have to look into one of these for Josh xx

  4. Donna Reply

    I’m totally with Tracey on this, I could do with an adult one!! #coolmumclub

  5. Something About Baby Reply

    It’s my first time at BML this year and I’m so excited!! Slightly worried now I’m pregnant that I’m going to be exhausted by the end of it, but I’m hoping it’s so much fun I’ll forget how tired I am and just sleep on the train on the way home! I love this Litecup – it sounds exactly what we need for Alfie who has started waking in the night to ask for a drink, so definitely going to invest. #coolmumclub

  6. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Woo to BML! The countdown is on and your sponsor has made a very good choice indeed! So good to be back at the #coolmumclub with you xoxo

  7. Winnettes Reply

    These cups look fab! I’m very excited about BML this year x

  8. Sinéad ( Reply

    I would LOVE to be going. Alas, no. Love the look of these cups too. Have a super Britmums. Maybe next year for me! #coolmumclub

  9. RainbowsR2Beautiful (@rainbowsaretoo) Reply

    Cool – we have a night light and beaker – this would be two in one! #coolmumclub

  10. mummy here and here Reply

    What a genius idea. Especially if you have a child that wakes up in the middle fo the night for a drink this can be really.handy X #coolmumclub

  11. Kat Reply

    Oh what a fab idea and a lovely sponsor! I’m going to BML this year for the first time and very excited! #coolmumclub

  12. popcornforlunch Reply

    Oooh! Love these! Such a good idea! My two eldest love a good request for a drink in the early hours and combined with the fact we live in a 2-storey so there are stairs to overcome makes for a grumpy Mummy. Might look at getting a couple of these. And thank you for an engaging, witty and non-tedious review – some reviews are cringe, this was not!!xx #CoolMumClub

  13. Alana - Burnished Chaos Reply

    Wow, what a fantastic idea! I may have to invest in a couple of these for my two. Have a great time at #BML17 x

  14. Charlotte Stein Reply

    These cups look fab! Perfect gift for the ‘C’ word that I need to start getting organised for!
    I would love next year to start attending some blogging conferences as my blog confidence grows. Hope you have a fab albeit exhausting day out! #Coolmumclub

  15. Mrs Lighty Reply

    I’ve loved the look of these Lite Cups for ages! Looking forward to meeting you at BML!!! #coolmumclub

  16. Welsh Mum (@welshmumofone) Reply

    Those cups look ace. I would totally use an adult one – the amount of times I’ve knocked my cup of water over in the night reaching for it is ridiculous. Have a fab time.

  17. susielhawes Reply

    Ah I wish I was going to meet you! I was going, but sold my ticket because I just think I’d be too tired (wedding the day before and 26 weeks pregnant). I found BlogOn full on and heard this is is much more full on so hopefully next year. Those cups look fab, definitely one to remember! Have a great time xx #coolmumclub

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