I had my Mum’s face put on a pair of socks

I spent ages trying to think of a witty, punchy title for this post, but in the end, what more is there to say? I had my Mum’s face put on a pair of socks.

My Mum lives about a fifteen minute walk from me, one minute drive, or 6 minute run (I’ve timed it). We speak most days, and up until March 2020 we would frequently call in on each other for a brew and a chat.

Our relationship has never really been built around grand gestures. We rarely make social plans together (despite saying how often that we should) and we don’t often enough get together for family meals (but when we do, her potatoes are the best). Ironically, we are better at organising to meet with the in-law side of the muddling through family who live on the opposite corner of Kent, because at a 30 minute drive away, it cannot ever be in passing.

I’ve spoken on the phone to Mum throughout the pandemic, obviously. Although finding the right moment given the home schooling, conference calling, daily exercising is surprisingly harder than you’d think given the fact we are all ‘at home’.

And I am lucky, so so lucky to have her there; at the end of the phone, and at the end of the lockdown. My rock, my friend and my tea drinking role model.

But what lock down has proven is that there just isn’t anything like that actual human contact; looking in the whites of someones eyes, without distraction and putting the world to rights, over a brew.

My Mum on a pair of socks

So when I was offered a pair of socks by printsfield, I knew exactly what to do. It’s silly, it’s bonkers, but it’s 2020 and you gotta do whatever makes you smile.

My Mum on my socks on the grass

So this ones for you Mum, always close to me, however far apart. We can’t be with the ones we love right now, but little joys can be found in the strangest of places.

My Mum on a pair of socks on the patio


Disclosure: My socks were gifted. Aren’t they fab.
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One thought on “I had my Mum’s face put on a pair of socks

  1. Kim Carberry Reply

    These are fab! What fun idea. Best socks ever. lol x

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