I hate ironing : Dry cleaning to your door

I once asked my four year old what ‘this’ strange contraption is… “Is it for the garden?” she replied. Clearly, the use of an iron in our household is something of a rarity. Yes, it is fair to say, I hate ironing.


I guess this makes me a pretty rubbish housewife, if that’s what my job title is. It probably possibly falls into one of the main accountabilities of ‘keeping house’ as a stay at home Mum.

The thing is, I’ve always managed just fine thanks to lycra, polyester and an aversion to linen clothing. After all, I’m not fifty yet.

I have to confess though, I have felt slightly bad as I wave off the hubby to work to fight another day in the big city, looking like a student in a shirt off the floor. I even once promised him I’d start ironing his shirts if he got a long anticipated promotion. I did it too, for a whole week. That’s four shirts, courtesy of dress down Friday.

It’s probably not the biggest achievement in feminism history, I mean he could iron his own shirts – as my friends and I have often discussed. But, the bottom line is that whether he does it or I do it, no one is actually ‘doing it’ because quite frankly, there’s always something better to be doing. Like blogging, jogging, watching TOWIE, or in a time vacuum of twitter. I don’t want to undo the decades of progress in equal rights, but I am the one at home all week, while he is out earning a crust, kinda makes me feel like I should maybe get down with the ironing board…well, not enough to actually do it.

I even bought a new iron once, in hope it could excite me into getting ‘into’ ironing. No, it didn’t work. The last time (other than four-shirt-week) that I can remember ironing with gusto was a day I ironed new washed muslins to put into the new, unused nursery. That means 4.5 years ago. Boy, I must have had spare time on my hands.

With a child like dangermouse around, there will be no ironing until the twilight hours, as we don’t need any ironing cord rope bungee jumping. But, that time when energy levels and ‘stuff I didn’t get to do during the day’ are in constant conflict, chances of getting the iron out are slim to none. In fact, you could say there are two hopes: Bob Hope and no hope.

Maybe I should get an ironing lady. Or man. I mean, when it comes to sending our kids to school will we be as ‘meh’ about them looking like a crunched up crisp packet? (Or have kids uniforms advanced in the no-iron technology area?).

I was asked by ihateironing.com to trial their online ironing service. I had to smile and say YES PLEASE. It seems the ‘ironing lady’ or man, whatever gender they may be, has gone 21st century.

The website itself is pretty self explanatory – it’s clear, to the point and hassle free. The price list is surprisingly cheap, at just £2 for a mans shirt washed and pressed (10 or more) and delivery / collection is included (min order £20).

It’s not just a service for the rich and famous – the prices are competitive against high street dry cleaners and with the added benefit of not having to lug stuff to and from the car, us Busy Mums with too few hands and hours in the day will appreciate the practicality element. I mean, what mum doesn’t love a bit of online-shopping for that exact reason. Why not apply that to your dry cleaning.

ihateironing offers ironing, pressing, ihateironing (they Do Do duvets), service washes, shoe repairs and clothing amendments. If like me a regular ironing service may be outside your budget, it’s well worth pinning / bookmarking for those one off essentials (duvet, suit dry clean, posh frock etc). Although I confess I AM tempted to make his a regular thing…

Top tip: check out the areas covered by this service before placing your order. This can be found on the homepage or if in doubt, drop a line to customer services who will be happy to help. Good news is the service is rapidly expanding so if you aren’t in luck right now, the futures bright (and crisp).

I had a job lot of Mr G’s shirts washed & pressed, which all came up looking as good as new. The collection / delivery times were impeccable, and I cannot fault the service. The clear and stylish branding was unmissable on the vehicle, the film sleeves and the high quality laundry bag I received for my subsequent orders.

Ihateironing have thought of everything – Text reminders, a recommendation scheme, an uber-pleasant customer services team on call with any updates on your order, an insurance policy, and even an App you can use to fire off orders on the go. The operation is as smooth as the end product – which, for the record was a darn sight better than what I could have achieved.

Maybe if he gets any more promotions in the future, he’d be better placing his pressed shirt dreams on ihateironing.com, than ‘er indoors. 😉


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Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with ihateironing, all opinions are my own. I truly detest ironing.

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