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When it comes to hunting down a trades person, or finding a local service, it’s not always straight forward. Instead of playing games with google, being stood up by a builder, or telephone tennis with a toddler hanging off your leg, there is an easier way: Bidvine. If , like me you are all about efficiency when it comes to life admin, read on, this is one you’ll love.


Bidvine is an online tool to link you up with a service provider and get actual quotes directly to your inbox within hours (not on the back of a fag packet).

I was asked to trial Bidvine in exchange for some bidvine-tokens. Bidvine covers a whole host of sectors – from builders to bass guitar teachers, photographers to personal trainers. Get a man with a van, or a spanish lesson. The service list is endless…

I was tasked to road test the ‘home services’ area so thought long and hard about all those jobs at home we have been putting off. Sort those settlement cracks? Repair the porch? Hmmm. Not quite feeling inspired.

Have someone else clean my house?

HAVE SOMEONE ELSE CLEAN MY HOUSE! The stuff of dreams! Imagine, hiring an actual cleaner. I was sold.

My house is (I’m told) pretty spotless, but I think the word is probably ‘tidy’. I don’t get half the stuff I intend to done – the windows, the hob, the skirting boards (who has time for that each day?). They get done from time to time, but it’s a bit of a luxury having the time to deep clean, isn’t it?

I set bidvine to the challenge – find a domestic cleaner in my corner of Kent. Bidvine is expanding across the UK but in some newer regions it may not yet fulfill all 5 potential quotes. My luck was in – a quote from a local cleaning firm ‘Wellshine‘ just hours after submitting my bid. Result.

Bidvine is a connection system which lines you up with quotes from registered companies – it is then down to you to negotiate individually and select the one that’s right for you. If they are right for you – there is no obligation.


I chatted and discussed my needs with the boss of Wellshine over several e mails, and we were set. He knew I had kids, a cat, a laminate floor, and I knew he sounded like a sound bloke.

The date was fixed, and my plans to get the kids out of the way were laid. I did the obvious over-tidying pre-cleaner, and wondered just how much mess I was supposed to leave? Little, I decided.

Wellshine arrived perfectly on time (that’s my kind of business interaction). After a brief introduction and chat about how clean the house already was (whoops) I left them to it, and returned two hours later to a blissfully shiny home. Just a Roast always tastes better when it’s cooked by someone else, your house looks and feels even lovelier when it wasn’t you scrubbing it (and watching it being quickly decimated again). My hob last looked that sparkling the day it was installed (come to think of it so did the sinks, floor and bathroom).


Bidvine also has a handy App so you can keep tabs on several projects at any one time, send and reply to messages and search for new professional services on the go.

I don’t know if I can commit to a cleaner forever (ah, if only) but I would definitely use both Bidvine (and Wellshine) again in the future. There’s always another project around the corner, and if I can cut out any dead-ends and awkward negotiations then that’s a service I want to keep using.

Get a headstart on your next project using Bidvine…start your search here.


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Disclosure: This post is brought to you in collaboration with Bidvine

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