Frozen Fever hits @Smiggle_ (#AD)

Frozen 2. It’s been a long time coming, but finally, this winter, it’s set to take us on a new adventure with all of the gang from Arendelle.

To celebrate the launch of Disney’s new hit Frozen 2, this week Smiggle have released a limited edition Disney Frozen 2 collection featuring Anna and Elsa and some incredible designs in the classic Frozen colours, with some special Smiggle touches.

The girls and I were invited to take a peek at the new must have Smiggle Frozen 2 range, so we made a trip to Bluewaters Smiggle store this half term to see exactly what Smiggle fans can expect to see.

The collection includes some classic Smiggle pieces – the pop out pencil case, water bottles, note books, lunch bags and rucksacks. All the usual suspects which we have come to know and love, with the bright and beautiful signature colours of Elsa’s icy blue and silver and Annas rich Purple, blue and gold.

In addition to the Smiggle favourites, there are some gorgeous new stationery items; a light up journal, a utility pencil case, stationary set and more.

I’ll admit that I’ve struggled lately gifting my kids with more and more review items, but knowing how much they would love an opportunity to hit Smiggle on a shopping free, I figured out a compromise.

I tasked the girls to choose one item for themselves, and to spend the rest of the voucher on gifts for another child, and in doing so, sharing the feeling of being gifted something lovely with someone who perhaps has not been so lucky to have that opportunity.

They took on the challenge wholeheartedly and seemed to really value the gift they received as well as appreciating what I was asking them to do.

Tigs picked out a Elsa Shoulder bag (£22) adorned with water and ice inspired iridescent glitter design. It’s quite unlike Tigs to go all girly but with her bag over her shoulder she clearly felt really grown up.

The Mouse eyes lit up for the Elsa stationary gift set (£20) which contains 42 separate items of stationary perfect for someone who loves to draw everywhere she goes. This particular piece from the collection stood out as excellent value and would make a great Christmas gift.

We were spoilt for choice when it came to picking up pieces from the collection to gift on. I was so glad to have tackled the challenge head on, despite my initial plan to perhaps go on a stealth mission under the cover of bedtime. Teaching generosity and kindness is after all something we should all be instilling into our future generation.

Together we decided on the light up Elsa journal (£20), the Elsa Pop out Pencil case (£15), the iridescent glitter Dazzle A4 notebook (£16.50) and the Hardtop pencil case, double sided featuring Anna and Elsa For the kid who just can’t decide on their favourite sister (£15.50).

It’s worth knowing that if you spend over £60 on the Frozen 2 range, you can enter the online competition to win a Frozen inspired family trip to Iceland…thats 5 nights visiting the volcanos, blue lagoon, Northern lights and glaciers. The trip of my dreams.

We stopped by the local hospice on the way home and donated the gifts on to the children’s unit, which I was incredibly proud of the girls for doing. They didn’t waver, didn’t question it, and Tigs in particular clearly grasped the gravitas in the simple act of giving.

After all, if Frozen taught us anything, it’s the power of kindness, sisterhood, friendship and looking out for others. Plus of course, to Let it go.


Disclosure: This review features gifted items, 60% of which were donated to the Ellenor Hospice. All opinions are our own.
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