Five minutes peace – pocket sized parcels of giant sized fun with @EggNoggUK colouring-in

Seven weeks into ‘stay at home’ and I’ve learnt one or two things about keeping the kids entertained.

Firstly, nothing I seem to think of as fun is as much fun as watching Dan TDM or Jo Jo Siwa on You Tube.

Secondly, I massively underestimated the girls attention span, and games, toys, activities or snippets of school work have roughly a twenty minute window. Oh, other than the afore mentioned Dan TDM or Jo Jo Siwa who can hold my kids atention for twenty hours straight given the chance.

And even the garden, on a glorious spring day seems to have lost it’s shine. No amount of luring them out with water, bubbles, dolls strewn over the lawn, play tents or chalking has retained it’s magic, seven weeks in.

We have been clutching at straws, so when I was shown the EggNogg UK colouring in products, I didn’t hesitate in asking for a review sample. After all, the girls seem to be transfixed by colouring in… on You Tube.

Just ours later through the wonder of the mail service, our products arrived in an A4 envelope, highly misleading to the gigantosaurus of all colouring in that laid inside.

We were sent a incredible MASSIVE  (1270mm x 950mm) Dinosaur colouring in poster / tablecloth which conversely folds up into a delightfully compact and portable 250mm x 150mm for another time.

This is not a colouring in project you are going to complete in one sitting for sure! Tigs was delighted to observe how this colouring in poster was bigger than her!

Yet, the poster has been designed with that in mind – the poster is made from a thick durable paper which doesn’t tear easily, even when walked or laid over, and will last the test of time to see the project to completion.

The Mouses’ positive feedback was around the quality of the print; given her recent meltdown over black ink smudges on home printed colouring in pages, she was over the moon that her yellow pen was not contaminated by the lines. Small things, big wins.

The Dinosaur print itself is both artistic, educational and intricate. With plenty of big and small dinosaurs to get to work on, it features all the kids favourites, plus some more unusual characters and includes all of their names to colour in and learn.

Within minutes of it arriving, our EggNog poster was unwrapped, on the patio in the garden, and captivating the kids for some creative outdoor play. We dug out the ‘for best’ pens and have all shared some lovely lockdown memories together chatting and colouring; the perfect activity for parents to wind down to and share with the children; bringing them back into the moment of play and forgetting the bigger picture. Well, there aren’t many bigger pictures than this.

We were gifted our poster but at just a tenner, I know this is a product I would buy again and again as a gift; I know so many little people in our life who would love this as a present. The themes are as creative as the product itself and with designs featuring Christmas, seaside, space, animals, unicorns, Easter, gardens…. there is the perfect poster for every occasion.

I could just imagine the beauty of this on a kids table during a family meal or wedding, and could envisage this being the kind of toy we would take on holiday for those moments in between. So many perfect places to play.

Alongside our poster, Kate popped in a second bonus; a colouring in postcard book.

This does exactly what it says on the tin, and with 24 pull out colouring in post cards, our house of cards makes up a huge house and garden picture – complete with cut out characters to play with.

We cracked ours open today whilst I prepared dinner, and this ingenious idea captivated the girls immediately. The small, bite sized chunks of colouring left the girls wanting more and seeing them quietly beavering away at some screen free creative time without complaint is music to my lockdown ears. £7.50 well spent…

This is exactly the kind of thing I would pop in my handbag for those restaurant table moments when the kids start getting cranky and looking for something to do beyond the free wordsearch.

Kates creations are not only ingenious, and her artwork incredible (she was an illustrator before creating EggNog) but as a parent, they offer the holy grail of peace and quiet and happy smiles on little faces.

EggNogg can’t guarantee your children’s attention to be held past the twenty minute point, but I can assure you that they’ll be wanting that twenty minutes later, and later again as they get lost in this brilliant value, wholesome piece of magic.

And not a screen in sight.


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