Fingerlings Fidget spinners and Fairy Doors.

Fidget spinners. Possibly one of the strangest obsessions of the current day. And most annoying.

I should have known better when we found a sparkly pink metallic fidget spinner alone on the floor on a recent day out. Having tried to locate its owner, it ended up in my pocket and by default back at our home. Where it proceeded to cause no end of arguments, tears and physical fights over whose fidget spinner it would become.

Knowing that hiding or binning the offending item would cause catatonic meltdown, we came up with the perfect solution. Having discussed how sad the owner of the fidget spinner must be, we would leave it by our fairy door with a note asking our resident fairies to return it to it’s rightful owner. How happy it would make her, or him, and for the record, me.

Tucked safely in bed the fairies* retrieved the darn fidget spinner and in it’s place left a thank you present for the girls…

*The fairies in this case being the PR company which sent us two WowWee Fingerlings for us to review

Fingerlings; Baby monkeys which snuggle in your pocket, cling to your finger, and hang from, well pretty much anywhere. We were sent a pink and a turquoise monkey named Bella and Zoe. Thank goodness it seems the days of pink protests are behind us as Tigs happily claimed Zoe as hers whilst her little sister couldn’t be happier with her new pink primate Bella.

Needless to say, the fidget spinner was never mentioned again.

I have seen these little monkeys advertised and I confess, the inner five year old in me wanted one so badly. The baby monkeys remind me so much of the little stowaway alien at the end of The flight of the Navigator, but that’s being an eighties kid for you. Any toy which resembled a baby animal that you get to look after was a winner in my book. The best we had were palm pets and their ability to quiver with fear and cheep. Interactive toys ave come a long way since 1987.

The fingerling duo have been a much loved addition to the household. These clever little monkeys respond to touch, sound and movement and with 40 ways to play and 50 sounds to let you know how they are feeling.

Our girls have fed them bananas for breakfast lunch and tea (bonus, the girls actually ate banana on behalf of their monkey babes), they have taken them everywhere, and even made them a special bed each out of old shoeboxes and scarves. Even a digital toy can prompt a bit of imaginative crap crafting.

You can rock your fingerling to sleep, smother it with kisses, tickle them and play with their hilarious personalities. They squeak hello, burp and belch (which the kids find hilarious) and quite frankly will have you wrapped around their little finger (whilst they are wrapped around yours).

Needless to say, these baby monkeys have been a massive hit with our girls. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t caught myself playing with them too, tucking them into bed and hanging them in cheeky places for the girls to stumbleupon.

In terms of value for money, these Fingerlings are available for £14.99 in supermarkets, toy stores and online. That’s only three fidget spinners right? In terms of their complexity and longevity, a Fingerling clearly wipes the floor clean with a fidget spinner – I mean who could EVER get fed up with a gorgeous baby monkey?

We’re still learning what ours can do, and after watching this guide, I can’t wake to wake them up in the morning… the girls I mean…obviously.



Disclosure: We were sent two fingerlings baby monkeys in exchange for an honest review.



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