Encouraging inquisitive minds with @Rubiks_Official junior range

Our daughters are definitely at a stage now where the possibilities of play are expanding. The baby sensory toys are being slowly outed under the cover of darkness, and whilst the imaginary role play toys are still a huge hit, particular for Tigs, she’s ready for something a little more challenging. 

Rubik’s is a brand name that us kids of the 80’s will be more than familiar with. I mean, who didn’t have a Rubik’s cube knocking around the house? And who dreamt of being able to solve that cube in record timing (or, if I’m honest, at all).

In fact, the Rubik’s cube has been around now for forty years – it really sky rocketed in popularity in 1981 (the year I was born) and as such, it’s no wonder it’s a mega nostalgic toy memory from my childhood.

Of course whilst I was busy growing up, and raising my own family, the Rubiks family has grown too. Do you remember the snake? Or that flip flop Rubik’s magic? Well you won’t be surprised to know that the Rubik’s range is now bigger, brighter and as tricky as ever.

One of the product ranges our family were invited to try out are the Rubiks Junior collection. Featuring a fun family of friendly creatures, the 4+ Rubik Junior range includes a Bunny, Puppy, Cat and Bear. Plus the more familiar cube in a format ideal for smaller hands (age 5+).

The idea and concept remains as with the classic cube – to jumble and rebuild the correct shape and size, with aligning colours. The perfect way to focus little minds in a game of skill, mental challenge, and of course…patience!

The toys bring a sense of fun to the original Rubik’s test, and this tactile and manipulation for tiny hands and fingers is a perfect toy to encourage dexterous hands and fingers – exactly what we are told is the perfect way to assist being able to write and hold a pen.  It’s therefore a brilliant stocking filler idea, or kids birthday gift and at £11.99 is well within budget.

I’ve found the puzzles are also a brilliant way to calm down the kids when they are a little lively – engaging them in a game which focuses their mind instead of their limbs and in a similar way to a fidget spinner or squishy toy, this has a brilliant way of calming down the kids and getting them to slow down into a more zen state! Hard wearing and robust, the little puzzles are definitely going to survive some rough handling – after all, that’s what it’s all about.

Rubik’s junior are going to be a favourite for travelling and restaurants – the perfect toy to pop in your bag and distract them when they are complaining the car journey / table service / queue is taking too long, and a nice alternative to a tablet or phone. Quiet, not over stimulating and something the kids will enjoy mastering before they upgrade to the real deal Rubik’s cube.

In fact, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a Rubik’s cube and giving it another go myself.


Disclosure: Toys were gifted

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