Disney Interactive Games review & competition #WIN a Disney Infinity starter pack

I can remember vividly the first time my daughter sat through a Disney movie, and absorbed every moment. It was The Jungle book when she was just younger than two. I’m not sure who loved that landmark moment more, her or me. 

From that day forward we have navigated our way through all the classics. We have been through a major Toy story stage (and have the entire cast in toy form to prove it). We then slowly approached the princess era, where we accelerated fiercely through Tangled, Snow White and The Little Mermaid. And then, of course, there was Frozen. We camped out in Arundel for a good year or more.

Our daughter, who is now four, is at an age where she is looking for more interaction for her inquisitive mind. So, on occasion, when not out and about enjoying the great outdoors or hunting for insects in the garden, she likes to dabble in a little technology time on the ‘i-puter’. We figure, as responsible parents it’s important to mix in a little Information Technology educational play alongside the more traditional approaches, in small doses of course. After all, these kids are being raised in the information age.

We have purchased game apps from both Disney and other brands which have become a little tired, so when I was introduced to Disney interactive – a gaming hub for little Disney fans online, I couldn’t have been more keen to check it out, not least because it’s totally free.


There is something for everyone – the first thing that caught Tigs’ eye was the Descendents section. (Four going on fourteen). With a little help, she loved playing the Auradon party game.


Then true to form, we hung out for a while at the princess section. We had loads of fun with Ariel!


The firm favourite was the Sofia the first ‘The curse of Princess Ivy’ game – we love that episode, and we spent ages trying to stop those butterflies turning everything black and white…

We are still working our way through the games – we are partial to a bit of super hero action too so next on the agenda is the Spiderman game. Take a look and see if there is something for your little Disney fan. You may even find yourself hooked, like me and that highly addictive Sofia the first game…



As part of the Disney interactive promotion, Disney are giving away the following prizes to two of my readers.

-1st place: 1 x Starter Pack & 1x IGP 

-2nd place: 1 x Play Set  & 2x IGP’s


With your children, find their favourite Disney’s game available on the website http://games.disney.co.uk/.

Then, to enter the competition, parents should take a photograph of their children playing with their favourite Disney’s game and share it on social media (TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM) using a unique hashtag  – #disneyinteractiveMMT.

After 7 days I will pick my favourite and a runner up who will bag the prizes.

Be creative, have fun, and don’t forget to use the #disneyinteractiveMMT hashtag!

Tag me along at @mummuddlingthru / @mummuddlingthrough too!


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20 thoughts on “Disney Interactive Games review & competition #WIN a Disney Infinity starter pack

  1. Something Crunchy Mummy Reply

    This sounds brilliant and what a fab giveaway! #coolmumclub xx

    1. MMT Reply

      You should enter Kirsty… I’m waiting for any entrants yet so you could we’ll win first and second prize ha ha. My husband wants the goodies and is threatening to enter but I’m not sure that’s ethical! 😉

  2. Mummy Muckups (Anna) Reply

    My kids both sat through Finding Dory on the weekend; absolute milestone moment. Looks like this might be something we should look into in the future. Thanks #coolmumclub

    1. MMT Reply

      Can’t wait to see Finding Dory! Debating whether the youngest would sit through it… She loves Nemo!

  3. Jordanne Lee Reply

    This is fantastic! I’ve been looking for new games for my little one to play since he’s very bored of the cbeebies app now. I’ll definitely have to try this out with him, his favourite films from Disney are cars and toy story so I’m sure he would be in his element playing the games. So glad I linked up to #coolmumclub this week so I could see this! Love getting ideas to keep the little man happy.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. MMT Reply

      The site has been a big hit in our house! You should enter the competition… You’d have a very high chance of winning as don’t think there are any entrants so far! 😉

  4. onegeekofaparent Reply

    Thank you for an informative post.

    And since you spoke about The Jungle Book, here’s a post of mine related to it. Hope you like it.


    1. MMT Reply

      Read it, loved it! X

  5. Lisa Robb (@workingmumy) Reply

    I love Disney and so does Holly!! Me a little more than her though I think lol

  6. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Wowzers this looks like every Disney-loving kids dream come true! This is going to make one #coolmumclub kiddo very happy hon x

  7. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    I will definitely be checking this out with my little miss who is also a newly hooked Toy Story fantastic! She will love this as an addition to her “hi pad” (not actually an I pad just a cheapy bounce proof version of haha). Great giveaway lovely x

    1. Rhyming with Wine Reply

      …. #coolmumclub :0)

  8. anywaytostayathome Reply

    ooo this sounds perfect for us. I shall have to have a look through the games with the boy when he gets home, he is very much into Disney (especially the Pixar side of things) #CoolMumClub

  9. Emma Jones Reply

    My children are minecraft obsessed so Disney has gone on the back burner but this looks good. #coolmumclub lifeinthemumslane

  10. wendy Reply

    Ohh I would have loved this when I was younger..I think I’d still love it now too haha. My boy is more into his minions and things the tank but he’s slowly starting to sit through the Disney classics…he loves the jungle book too xx #coolmumclub

  11. Louise Reply

    What a brilliant giveaway – my two would love this! #coolmumclub

  12. everythingsrosieandgeorge Reply

    Oo looks fab! G loves a good online game, I’ll definitely be checking it out even if it’s just so I don’t have to play the andy’s dinosaur adventure one anymore x #coolmumclub

  13. Silly Mummy Reply

    My two, especially the eldest, love Disney. I’m not such a fan – I try to encourage the ones I quite like, Tangled & Brave, & avoid the old ones (& Frozen)! Just heard about these interactive games actually – think she’d like them. #coolmumclub

  14. Morgan Prince Reply

    My youngest used to love Disney Infinity. He has since moved on but it was his favourite for a while. Great competition. x

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