Death by Laundry; Help is coming

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There are many mountains I have had to conquer as a Mother, but few have been harder to scale than the one in front of the washing machine after a bank holiday camping weekend.

It seems that despite my initial declarations of loving the laundry light summer months and it’s outfits consisting of a sundress and knickers (in comparison to those nightmares of jeans, jumpers plus layers and layers…winter is coming guys), the drum friendly days of summer didn’t quite pan out as expected. Endless towel loads from the grassy paddling pool, changes of clothes as the British weather chopped and changed like it was going out of fashion, hand wash only clothes and suncream stains all make for a testing time for the laundry room and I.

Of course there are positives; the ability to line dry and erm….well, I’m not actually sure there are ANY positives when it comes to laundry. As the manager of operations in a household of four, I can honestly say it is the one chore I’d happily avoid for as long as possible – often with dire consequences as once you’re behind, can you ever actually keep up? I mean, has anyone ever ACTUALLY seen the bottom of the laundry basket?

From the bed sheets to the uniform, the work clothes to the allotment gear, nightwear, day wear, evening wear, it all seems to have the ability to creep up on me and take me down. And when it comes to putting it all away, it seems the critical mass of our storage space is governed by the assumption that any one time 20% of all clothes are ‘in process’. Which is of course one advantage of being a bit rubbish at getting that wash on after all.

I’ve tried executing a few top tips to manage it all;

  • Throwing the laundry straight in the drum instead of in laundry baskets (works okay until a red sock goes in with Dad Muddling Through’s work shirts)
  • Stick a load on every morning before heading out for the day (Have you ever tried to leave the house with two young kids? ‘Nuff said)
  • Strip the beds on a set day of the week (Requires organisation of a total Mum Boss. That’s one we’re ahem working on)
  • Run the kids fully clothed through the sprinkler at the end of the day, and hell why not join them
  • Wear no clothes as often as possible (Awkward when the neighbour pops in with a parcel)

Aside from the summer months (and frankly, for a significant proportion of the summer too here in blighty), the sound of the tumble drier is making an attempt to send me insane. It’s basically the backing music to my life, with each load requiring 3 x 45 minute tumbles to dry (and the most irritating ‘crease free’ function which does a one turn every five minutes once the cycle completes – I have been known to spend entire days meaning to turn the damn thing off, on a five minute reminder which makes me feel like I’m losing the plot).

There is no doubt the tumble drier is killing me softly with it’s spin; the endless cycle of it all is undoubtedly the most unattractive item on my job description and if I won the lottery, the first thing I would celebrate is outsourcing.

But it would seem, times are a-changing, and in a world where the millennial’s want it all and want it now, the solution may not only be for the likes of the Beckhams after all. Introducing Laundryheap ; Uber for your laundry basket with which you can yell ‘TAXI’ for your washing pile.

If you’re in a spin about keeping up with your washing this could be a solution for you – or even as a one off catch up mechanism to avoid a total meltdown. Post holiday? Washing machine on the blink? Had an unexpected peak in the rise and fall of life’s linen washing requirements? New baby? New dog? Been poorly? Been lazy? No judgement from Laundryheap, just a click and a swipe and your washing is whisked away by a delivery van and returned spick and span.

Equally convenient for dry cleaning, regular or one off washing and ironing of shirts, dry cleaning of bedding or just for a few special items which need the time you don’t have for whatever reason, Laundryheap has it covered. It’s a handy to know life hack that can solve a problem we’d all love to get rid of. If only Laundryheap’s driver could put it all away too…

I guess you can’t win them all.


Disclosure: Collaborative post

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