Christmas at Bedgebury 2019 Highlights

We were introduced to Christmas at Bedgebury in 2018, and our visit was memorable not just because of the incredible immersive experience and back lit scenery but also because of the insane weather we battled through to complete the trail. Of course we were disappointed the British weather let us down, but it certainly couldn’t have dampened the magic of the lights, even in the rain.

For 2019 luck, and the elements had to be on our side, as we headed back to a Bedgebury Pineatum to see what the 2019 trail has in store.

Of course without sideways rain, the experience could only ever exceed expectations, but we can vouch that whatever the British weather throws at you, Christmas at Bedgebury delivers.

With some familiar arrangements and some new placements of lights and music, we had a perfect mix of nostalgia and awe. The girls were delighted to be part of a Christmas experience they could get up close and personal with, whilst we were grateful to be enjoying a Christmas display that celebrates everything that nature has to offer, with just a few enhancements.

With the added bonus of a still night, the reflective views around the lakes were breathtaking. With places to stop a while and soak it all up, and plenty of photo opportunities, there is no rush as you amble your way around the paths.

Bedgebury Christmas boasts a host of eating and drinking stalls, as well as the permanent cafe selling hot drinks and snacks, and there are some vintage fair ground rides to enjoy also.

The trail can get busy in places, so be prepared to be patient and creative for the shot you were hoping for, and expect to be in somebody’s way whilst you amble through the cathedral of light.

Undoubtedly the highlights of our visit were the Poppies, the lake, the cathedral of lights and the interactive hanging lights at the end.

We kind of missed the orchestra walkway of light exiting which was a favourite from 2018, but it makes sense to change things up from year to year.

Ultimately, Christmas at Bedgebury can’t do wrong in our eyes and this is a Christmas event we will do our best to support year on year; a little slice of Narnia that let’s the trees do the talking.


Disclosure: Gifted tickets. All opinions are our own

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