Christening outfit twinning with @JoJoMamanBebe Spring Summer collection

As soon as a Christening invitation for our wonderful friends’ son arrived, I knew I wanted to treat all of us to a new smart outfit to wear. The girls have grown since last summer, my wardrobe is lacking on that certain ‘church appropriate formal wear’ (that hasn’t been worn and washed to death), and it’s the start of a brand new season of sunshine. #PerfectExcuse.

I picked up a little number for myself in the Oasis sale – a Navy wrap dress in comfy jersey fabric, with a bright pink Crane print all over to add a pop of colour and a touch of the tropical trend.


When I saw the Jo Jo Maman Bebe catalogue land on our doorstep a day or so later, just one look at the cover was all it took to know EXACTLY what the girls would be wearing…

The Spring Summer collection has some gorgeous clothes- bold tropical prints and super cute designs. I’ve shopped with Jo Jo before, and have had some really high quality pieces which have lasted the test of time (or should I say test of tots). The girls both had leather baby booties (which remain in their Memory boxes to this day), and the Mouse has a how-did-we-ever-live-without-this baby wetsuit for her swimming lessons. It’s tough keeping warm in water for 30 minutes when you have zero body fat!

So, two Flamingo dresses winging their way to us. Age 2-3 and 4-5, selling at £18 each. If twinning is your thing, Jo Jo stocks it’s designs in age 6 months to 6 years so it’s one to add to your favourites bookmark.

As much as the girls would have loved to wear their wellies with the flamingo shirt dresses, I realised I also was going to need to invest in some pumps for them too. It’s amazing how much feet can grow in a year, and how battered a pair of canvas shoes can get in a summer, so we normally pick up a new pair at this time of year. I’d been reccommended Jo Jo’s canvas pumps as an alternative to some other leading children’s canvas shoes; keen to check them out, I also picked out the girls a pair of T-bar floral pumps each. At £12 each and buy 2 save £5, these are excellent value for money. The range of patterns and styles include plain, patterned, denim, spots and florals.

Granted, there was a bit of heavy print clash going on with this outfit…the pastel pink ones probably would have been a little easier on the eyes…BUT…I’m no novice to kids clothes shopping these days, and I’m going all for longevity and robust wearability! Plus, cute kids can pull off a heavy pattern clash can’t they?!

Our outfits arrived on time and beautifully packaged as expected. The girls were literally over the moon about the idea of dressing up smart, in their posh new dresses…and most importantly, the same as each other. The dresses are exactly as I hoped – a good quality cotton, lined with a pink stripe fabric and with bright pink buttons.

Now, I know twinning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But, all the while the girls squeal with delight, I’ll be doing the occasional matching. Not as in every day, but for special occasions, on holiday or just when they want to. Those days aren’t going to last long, and in all honesty, I think there are bigger things to worry about in the world than kids wearing the same clothes. All I see is the smiles it brings; to them, and to others.

I’m not going to lie, I loved getting in on the twinning action this time too.

The mouse insisted on wearing her socks up to her knees (“Big socks”) which is her current highly entertaining obsession.

The girls made the dresses almost look like two different designs – the mouse in her 2-3 which was a floor length number (she is tiny – the dress isn’t huge!), whilst Tigs rocked hers in a knee high style. Nethertheless, they both looked gorgeous in their new outfits.


We were so lucky with the weather – the girls didn’t even need their hot pink cardigans and they wore the sleeveless style comfortably in the spring sunshine.


I just know these outfits are going to be seen on the girls all summer long…holidays, barbeques, family events. And, of course, when the mouse (if the mouse) grows out of hers, there will be another one ready to step into. The dresses passed the bouncy castle test and even survived a full drink spillage mid church service.

I’ll be revisiting the Jo Jo Maman Bebe catalogue for some more kids fashion inspiration. They also have an incredible maternity collection, which I have no plans to need (!) but it certainly makes me feel some bump envy and I wish I’d known about this a few years ago! Who knew maternity clothes could be so stylish?

Our girls Flamingo dresses are part of this seasons Safari Adventures collection; it’s definitely worth a peep. The applique dresses, T shirts and babygrows are so beautiful – perfect for your own little adventurers.


Disclosure: We were sent the girls dresses and shoes by Jo Jo Maman Bebe. All opinions are our own.


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