Childrens Book Review: Fearne Fairy and the Dandelion clocks

Our eldest daughter has always loved a picture book or three at bedtime. She has her favourites (Disney drivel) and we have our favourites (the short ones). Just kidding of course, bedtime is a special time and we love our snuggles, chats about the day, and a story to send her off to dreamland.

I was hesitant at first about reviewing Sarah Hill’s latest release of The Whimsy Wood series, Fearne Fairy and the Dandelion clocks, as it is aimed to age five and upwards. Tig’s is just turned four. However, on Sarah’s recommendation (us Sarah’s gotta stick together), and knowing how much our Tigs loves fairies / magic / blowing dandelions I figured we had nothing to lose. 

There are so many lovely things I could tell you about this book, but here are just some of the reasons why we loved it.

  1. It introduced a new type of reading – learning to bookmark (in the old fashioned sense), creating suspense as we read it over several days.
  2. It encouraged Tigs to listen to the story, as opposed to just looking at the pictures.
  3. It encouraged me to read with feeling, not just recite the words I knew off by heart. (Superworm is super long…)
  4. It rekindled an interest in Tigs’ fairy door. In fact, the fairies even visited us that night to collect the sweets Tigs left out for them. I wonder if Fearne knows Sprinkle and Peanut, our Fairies?image
  5. Fearne is a crumpet fan, like us. (And I don’t mean of the David Beckham variety).
  6. The illustrations are gorgeous and intricate – I caught Tigs looking through the book later, squealing as she spotted ladybirds in the detail.
  7. Reading over several days prompted discussion over what we had remembered about the book from previous nights.
  8. Even Tigs massively appreciated the book was signed by the Author!
  9. It sounds like Fearne Fairy has nailed what every Mum longs for…the perfect hangover cure.

I won’t ruin the plot for you, but this book comes highly recommended by Tigs who begged for just two more pages each night. We’ll definitely be looking for more adventures in the Whimsy Woods!


Disclosure: We were very grateful to receive a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, except those of Tigs, but I can vouch for her 😉

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