The changes and constants of our bedtime routine; A Bepanthen #Giveaway £50 John Lewis Voucher

We are on the brink of a new dawn in our household, not one of the breaking dawn type; no we have had our fair share of those. We are almost a nappy free zone, day and night.

It seems that like her sister, our youngest seems to have cracked the dry nights simultaneously with daytime dryness unprompted. So, with just a few more weeks of confidence building, practicing and using up existing nappy stocks, we are ready to go nappy free at bedtime.

It feels like such a huge milestone, as we have always had nappies and all the nappy paraphernalia around the bedtime routine for five long years now. Our bedtime routine is changing in many ways, yet so many parts remain a constant.


We have always (apart from the odd rogue late night) bathed our kids every night. Partly due to my husband’s affinity with water and his love of showering / bathing multiple times a day, partly as an essential process of de-filthing the kids (especially in the summer) and partly to wind the kids down for sleep, clearly marking the distinction between playtime and bedtime.

With bubbles and bath toys, Daddy is usually around just in time to provide a second pair of hands at bathtime, thanks to the blessing of the high speed commuter link between Kent and London. #WorthEveryPenny

Dim lights

If Daddy has a thing with water, then Mummy has a thing with mood lighting. As the bath runs, all curtains are shut and lamps put on upstairs…nothing makes me more relaxed so it has to be worth a try for the kids too? We try and avoid going back downstairs to the stimulation of the TV and toys, so any play before bed is a calmer upstairs part of the wind down zone.

Cuddle dry

There’s nothing like a snuggle with a freshly clean babe all wrapped up in a big fluffy towel – whether they’re five weeks or five years this will always be one of the best parts of the day!

Nappy & Nappy cream

Until they’re dry at night (which can take much longer than during the day for many toddlers), a good quality night time nappy is a must. We have tried many varieties and found the discount store varieties to be surprisingly good quality for night time leak free protection. At one time both of our girls have suffered with nappy rash and at any time we would religiously use a good quality nappy rash ointment like Bepanthen which was reccommended to me by many other Mums to protect against the causes of nappy rash. Babies skin is susceptible to nappy rash at night due to the prolonged contact with a damp nappy, or from rubbing or even as a result of something like a course of antibiotics, so protecting against it and caring for it with the right product is an important step of the bedtime routine.


Nothing beats a lovely pair of PJs – or a babygrow for as long as we could possibly get away with it, especially second time around!

Mums Hair Salon

Both of our girls have pretty full heads of hair. As toddlers it often required a wash each night as it was full of mud, tangles, food, paint etc. These days it’s often tied out of harm’s way so we try not to wash it unless it needs it. Either way the girls hair (especially Tigs) requires detangling and combing before bed, and I always braid it to keep the long wavy strands off their faces and necks in the night. Plus it saves a world of pain in the morning… Our go to hair range for kids is Vosene kids – it’s a natural lice repellent, comes in a detangler spray which we cannot live without, and touch wood, we’ve never had any visitors yet!

Sleeping bag

Until the girls were around 18 months they both used baby sleeping bags at night. Always making sure they had the right tog for the season and temperature, it was always reassuring to know the little wrigglers would be warm and snug all night, as well as reducing the risk of wandering covers over their faces. We transitioned them to ‘big girl bedding’ slowly – at first with a breathable toddler pillow, and then a duvet when they were ready. I miss those sleeping bag days so much!


As babies the girls were fed their milk snuggled up in their sleeping bag so they could be laid down all sleepy and milk drunk with little disruption. As they grew and switched to formula, and then to cow’s milk, it remains a part of their bedtime routine and they still have a beaker of milk at bedtime. Given they are both complicated eaters, it’s reassuring to me that they are obtaining all the nutritional value it offers their growing needs.


From a really young age we have always read to the girls before bedtime. Some of our most precious memories of them as teenies is their ability to recite their favourites to us…Tigs always adored Superworm, and the Mouse’s first favourite was Pip and Posy. A bedtime reading moment between parent and child isn’t just about education – it’s about a quiet, quality moment together, close and without distraction before the end of the day. We’ve instilled it into our kids bedtime routine so much that even if we get home super late after a random event, they still insist on a book before they can go to sleep…

Light show

Both the girls have their own routine of star projectors and fairy lights in their room. The mouse is really persistent with hers and at times we’ve debated going cold turkey on the thing as it’s tune can drive you crazy, especially when it’s being demanded every twenty minutes in the middle of the night…but, it won’t be forever, and it’s always been a real help in settling and soothing her to sleep. The girls also have nightlight cups, litecups, which are fantastic for a nighttime drink. Also handy when away from home for that extra bit of comfort in the dark of an unfamiliar environment.

And then, sleep…In theory?!


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