Buying baby cups….a personal obsession?

Last week I had a major clear out of baby / toddler drinking cups, as I noticed one I grabbed out for a visitor was looking pretty ropey. TG is 3 1/2 now so some probably needed to be autoclaved…failing that, binned.

Heres the ‘after’ picture (I so wish I’d thought to take a ‘before’ picture!). 


Now, I know I am not alone in my quest for the perfect cup as I have had this conversation with many mum friends. There is just something so alluring about seeing a new type that you haven’t yet tried?

When Tigs was weaning, 3 years ago, I started off with the standard, classic Tommee Tippee sippy cup, as advised by my health visitor. I quickly realised baby + this cup, resembled someone with a watering can, all over the floor. 

Meandering through the baby aisles in sainsburys, I carefully selected an upgrade to Tommee Tippee sippy cup with valve. The perfect solution! If baby realised it wasn’t a teether, that is. She just couldn’t grasp the sucking action on the silicone coated spout that was just too chewable.

Filled with fear of dehydration, I reverted back to the TT sippy cup and continued on my mission.

20 valve cups, later I abandoned the idea of a valve system. Fiddly to clean, impossible to put back together, and all too easy to lose the weeny pieces; I tried some other options.

Doidy cups, straw systems, water bottles, Disney lidded cups ……and so on. You get the idea. All resulted in spillages, breakages, losses, soaked baby, epic fails.

in the meantime Tigs turned one. Ready to celebrate ditching the steriliser and bottles I tried to get her drinking cows milk from her TT sippy cup, like so many of her baby pals were doing so perfectly; but it was not to be. Watering the floor is one thing, but milk on the carpet and my borderline OCD didn’t mix well. 

This spurred on a fresh spending spree – this time on the perfect milk cup. Milk and valves is an even more horrendous combination, and we had several rejects along the way. 

I stumbled across the cow cup on a leaflet inside an ‘anyway up’ drinking cup I had just bought (I know, shock – but Tigs needed a bigger water cup!). The pink water cup had a valveless system and claimed to be spill free? Tigs wasn’t bowled over with the water cup but I ordered the cow cup online as to be honest, I fell a little in love with the cow print design and thought Tigs might too. 

Making a huge fuss over the ‘special milk cup’ I was bowled over when Tigs, now around 15 months snuggled up and drank her warm milk from it before bed. And the next morning. And every night and morning, for the next 2 years. This morning in fact, in her recently upgraded pink cow cup. (Which I obviously just had to have when I saw). And the green version, for BBG when she’s ready of course.

The good news is Tigs can now drink water from any old beaker.

BBG is, now learning to drink water from her cup. I have started with the trusty TT sippy cup, but already fallen into the trap of a valve version. A new updated type of valve I notice? But same problem. She thinks it’s a teether. I WILL stop there. I will. 

So, in conclusion, my advice. Steer clear of valves, complicated systems stick with the simplest free flowing designs. 

Failing that, steer clear of the baby aisle cup section 😉


Ps. This is not a sponsored review, just my actual free opinion 🙂

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