Breaking free; the cordless vacuum revolution with @Dyson V8 Absolute

I’m not particularly  bothered about designer labels or goods, but there is a value in recognizing a brand which offer you more than just a label; a long term relationship with a cohesive team, on hand customer support and trouble-shooting, the cutting edge in design, second to none performance and  longevity that gives you value for money every single time.

When it comes to my phone, it will always be Apple. My kids scooters will always be Microscooters. And my vacuum cleaner, will only ever be Dyson.

As a busy stay at home Mum to two small terrors angels, hoovering is not only part of our day to day lives, but it’s also become some kind of weird obsession. In the same way the garden always looks it’s best after a good mow, the house never looks quite ‘done‘ until the hoover’s been run round. We aren’t quite ‘lines in the carpet’ just yet, but we can both appreciate a nicely hoovered home. (In fact it’s one of the few domestic jobs my husband fights me for as he insists he’s so much better at it – in which, of course, I humour him every time).

We have had Dyson’s for as long as I can remember – the warranty and service engineer visits have been worth their weight in gold, and we didn’t hesitate in buying a hand-held cordless Dyson a couple of years back, knowing it would ‘wipe the floor clean’ compared to any other dustbuster. Which, by the way, it does.

And so, it was always the case that a cordless stick Dyson was high up there on our home wish list; when the time is right and the planets align. I’ve always been a believer in holding back on the excitement of a brand new concept and sitting tight to wait for the inevitable tweaks and improvements on the launch design that time will surely bring. It just so happened, that the time is now, as I was asked to review the performance of a Dyson V8 Absolute cordless stick vacuum.

Everything about Dyson screams uber cool. The branding and packaging our V8 Absolute arrived in was simplistic, functional and stylish. No fussy instructions or excess packaging – the Dyson V8 and it’s hareem of accessories was ready to click into place with utmost ease. I even managed it fifteen minutes before the school run with a two year old ‘helping’. You know you have something special in a hoover when your two year old describes it as “so lovely”.

I feel as though the Dyson V8 and I were meant to be together. After just a week of using it, I have already forgotten the ties of the heavy Animal we would relocate from room to room, and plug to ‘annoyingly just not close enough’ plug for so many years. I knew exactly which plug reached exactly which point of the room, yet that didn’t stop me trying to reach that last square foot. Every. Single. Time.

The hubbys pretty basic DIY skills were put straight to use as the Dyson was wall mounted with pride of place in our Utility room. A thing of beauty all glistening in this season’s orange, the V8 defies anyone who says hoover can’t be pretty. Quote, my Mum; “It’s almost a shame to use those red and blue heads”.

But use it we must, and I have to say, it’s a revelation. A bit odd at first, having got used to weight bearing down on a heavy hoover, but in no time at all we were nipping between rooms – vacuuming here and there, little and often when needed. Hoovering is no longer any big deal, it’s just as quick as wiping down the work surfaces; you don’t save all of that up till a Friday do you? (Imagine!).

The Dyson V8 comes with two large heads which are designed specifically for purpose. The Soft roller cleaning head is to optimise cleaning of hard floors – like the ones we have through 75% of our downstairs. With the ability to pick up fluff and dust, plus peas and the odd cheerio, this is the perfect tool for our kitchen diner area.

For carpeted or mixed areas, the direct drive cleaner head is your weapon of choice. With a roller ball joint and carbon fibre filaments, this multifunctional bad boy is perfect for your soft carpeted areas or rugs and actually does a pretty good job on hard floors too.

The beauty of the V8 design is that this really is a jack of all trades – the stick, heads and accessories are as changeable as a piece of Lego so you can click and unclick to find the perfect combo for the job. No stick and small head combo, perfect for stairs. Stick and brush head – the only way to remove cobwebs from the top corners of our extension. The car cleaning, the gaps between the sofa cushions and even the Wendy house carpet; no job is too big or too small for the V8.

One of my most impressive abilities of the Dyson V8 is it’s ability to hoover right underneath the sofas – all the way to the back, as there is no heavy box unit to block your path. Just make sure you remember however, unlike me, if you have an unfinished 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle under there. Handy fact; Dyson V8 picks up jigsaw sized pieces NO TROUBLE AT ALL.

Fortunately, the bag free Dyson V8 is also super easy to empty at the click of a button (well, pull up of a lever), as my husband demonstrated all over his feet this evening. “When you asked how to empty it I assumed you were holding it over the bin!”.

With regards to the motor power of this cordless vacuum, I have to admit I had my reservations; Would it stand up to a cord vacuum that we are used to? With challenges like a moulting cat and a moulting Mum, the challenge is certainly on. And what about the battery power? Will it be annoyingly cutting out midway through hoovering?

The answer to both of these questions is NO. The overall concept and engineering of the V8 means that you rarely need to use it past the up to 40 minutes power. Granted, this is reduced to 7 minutes using the direct drive on MAX power but to be honest, you will rarely need to use the MAX power and if you do, that ‘here and there’ approach I was talking about is key. Little and often, and when you have small kids you know I mean OFTEN.

Although powerful, the the Dyson V8 Absolute is amazingly quiet, especially in the standard mode. Considering all the hard work it’s doing that’s quite a remarkable feat of engineering – one of the things I really rate is the post motor HEPA filter. Having worked in the laboratory environment my whole previous working life, knowing the hoover is filtering the air at a microbial level couldn’t fail to wow me. Especially when one of our kids has asthma – it’s reassuring to know not only the carpets are clean but the dust isn’t being thrown back out into the air.

Our V8 has had no problem picking up everything our Dyson animal did, and more. Cat hairs, Mum hairs, mud, oregano spills, rice and even a bit of dust now and again too.

“Technological revolution is, in general, a relatively short period in history when one technology (or better a set of technologies) is replaced by another technology (or by the set of technologies)”


I know, that from here there is no going back for us. The future of vacuuming is all about freedom and power, and combined with the trust built with the Dyson product family over many years, this machine is an investment that I have every faith in bringing value to any home, our precious time and therefore our family. What could be more important than that?


Disclosure: We were sent the Dyson V8 for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are our own.

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24 thoughts on “Breaking free; the cordless vacuum revolution with @Dyson V8 Absolute

  1. justsayingmum Reply

    This sounds fabulous! I completely agree about the quality of dyson – always my go to product for sure with regard to hoovering. We have one of those built in hoover systems in the house so don’t need one at the moment however I am tempted to look into a handheld one as sometimes you just need a little hoover to do a quick job. Great review post! #BigPinkLink

  2. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    I totally agree with you here! I adore my Dyson for the same reasons – it looks super cool AND hoovering isn’t a big deal anymore! It’s super easy to grab the Dyson & do a quick whip around the house or just the high dirt areas like under the table. I couldn’t do without mine now! x

  3. mums army Reply

    OMG I am Dyson obsessed. I got my first one about 2 years ago and never looked back. I would die and go to heaven if we got the cordless one and the handheld. I used to be cool and go clubbing and watch bands at cool festivals, now I day dream about hoovers 🙂 xx #bigpinklink

  4. thismumslife Reply

    Oooh, great review!! Your zest for hoovering really comes through! My mum actually turned up at my house with a dyson today-I didn’t know she was bringing one for me! It looks quite similar to this one! We already own a dyson, and I agreee that the quality has been nothing like I’ve seen in a hoover before, the one we had is huge and heavy, and does my back in sometimes! But this new one looks perfect! My mum is an avid hooverer-I might send her this review!

  5. Cheryl @ Tea or Wine Reply

    Like you I will only have a Dyson, Apple and Microscooters. Dyson are brilliant aren’t they, their hoovers last forever. I’ve not used the cordless one, but can totally see the benefits (I’m glad it’s not just me that tries to get to the last little bit of floor by stretching the cord!) Just need to get saving now! #BigPinkLInk

  6. amumfullofdreams Reply

    I’ve realised hoovering has become a daily thing for me too… I’m definitely a Mum now aren’t I!? Great review, kept me reading! #coolmumclub

  7. Kaye Reply

    We have one similar a few versions back and sadly it isn’t quite as powerful as this. Glad they’ve made improvements as it is so great in other areas! #coolmumclub

  8. anywaytostayathome Reply

    I can’t comment on the Dyson, we are massive fans of the GTech here but I do know that cordless still change your life and you will never every be able to go back. It is crazy how much easier it makes life. #coolmumclub

  9. The Mumatron Reply

    I love our dyson, I wish I could get in on the V8 action too! There’s no comparison in my opinion! An essential in the house. #CoolMumClub

  10. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Wow this looks so fab and light weight I’d love one of these for the home. A vacuum fit for any member of #coolmumclub and beyond! xoxo

  11. itsadrama Reply

    oohhh look at your nice brown feet… Im jealous! Ive had a dyson too and agree with all of the above! I almost miss have a two storey house as now theres no stairs to hoover!

  12. Lisa Reply

    Oooh you lucky girl. I have hoover envy now. You know it’s all good when your child is impressed. Definitely going to look at one of these next time I need to purchase a new hoover #coolmumclub x

  13. So Happy In Town (@SoHappyInTown) Reply

    Can’t believe my life has come to this, but I actually don’t know what I’d do without my Dyson – both hoover and dustbuster. I LOVE them! Everything is so easy and hoover upable. Especially the dustbuster – that baby gets used all the time especially with the littlest being quite possibly the messiest eater known to mankind. There really is no going back once you’ve gone Dyson. I am seriously middle aged!! #coolmumclub

  14. Angela Watling Reply

    Couldn’t agree more. We have a v6 fluffy and it’s brilliant. We never get the bigger Dyson out now because it really does get up all the dust. It’s brilliant for doing a quick tidy of the bathroom or hall as well, where in times past I only used to mop. Glad your life has been revolutionised! #CoolMumClub

  15. themummybubbleblog Reply

    I am such a big Dyson fan. I have one of the cord models, I forget which, but it is the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had. So good when you have kids and a cat making a right mess everywhere! #coolmumclub

  16. Mess and merlot Reply

    Oooh my old Dyson is on it’s last legs and I’ve been lusting after a cordless for ages now – this sounds perfect! #coolmumclub

  17. Accidental Hipster Mum Reply

    I’m a bit of a vacuum review perv. I’ve just got another Dyson but we were without a vacuum for ages and all I did was google reviews! This one sounds amazing, maybe it’ll be what I go for after this one conks out!


  18. fancypaperblog Reply

    I need one. Now!! #coolmumclub

  19. mummyhereandthere Reply

    I have a gtech which is similar in that it is cordless, so handy to have to just do a quick clean around X #coolmumclub

  20. Reply

    I need another new dyson now! I love my portable handheld one, so this is just like a bigger more powerful version! I also totally agree with the 3 brand rule, and our fans of all 3 in this house! #coolmumclub

  21. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    I want one of these beauties so much I could cry and stamp my feet like a toddler that wants the blue plate! My mum has one and has even let me have a turn with it (cruel temptress haha). For now I shall read your post repeatedly and swoon. 😉 #coolmumclub xx

  22. Tooting Mama Reply

    I’ve just got myself a Dyson and I love it. No looking back!!!! #coolmumclub

  23. Helena Reply

    We’ve been looking at perhaps getting a new hoover. This looks like it could have potential. #coolmumclub

  24. absolutely prabulous Reply

    OH God I do believe I’m actually jealous! I must brush up on my blogger who works with brands persona!! Please send this over to my house. Thanks. #coolmumclub

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