#BoolinoFriends; My first encyclopedia of HOW?

In a world of fast moving technology, the internet and data, there just has to be a preservation of the beauty and simplicity of books. It’ something I feel so passionately about; I will often take a book for the kids read to the sidelines of swimming or gymnastics, to a restaurant or the doctors. A lone ranger in a world of kids glued to their parents phone.

That’s why I joined Boolino and their Boolino Friends book review scheme. It saddens me to think that not every kid is read a book at bedtime, as finding the joy in reading is not only opening up a door to a whole new world, but an incredibly precious time at the end of the day to wind down and have 1:1 time together.

So, my first Boolino book review is Moonlight Publishing‘s ‘My first encyclopedia of HOW?’. From the My first discoveries range, this soft padded hardback book is the perfect read for any little budding scientist.

The book contains a host of topics, each beautifully presented in illustration and infographic form. With just enough information for little minds to absorb, the encyclopedia is sure to answer many questions that they (and you) might have been wondering.

My personal favourite is ‘How is chocolate made’; but there is something for everyone.The encyclopedia covers a wide range; Nature, History, Geography, Technology. There are also some transparent sleeve pages which add an interactive layer to the book – seeing bones being added to Dinosaurs and Towns evolve before your eyes as you turn the page.

This will truly ignite your kids curiosity into everything around them; let them discover how the food they eat makes it’s way to their table, and how people live in other times, worlds and cultures. They can find out about the importance of conservation, construction, evolution and their body. How plants grow, and how animals move.

The imagery throughout the book is exceptional, and varied in style, so each page adds a new dynamic to the reading experience. It is a wonderful introduction to ‘fact books’ as opposed to fiction, and is a perfect example of learning through play. I learnt a fair bit reading it too. It’s a lovely way to remember that Google isn’t the only place to find out the answers to your questions.

At age 5, and at the start of her reading journey, Tigs isn’t able to read this one independently yet, but we had great fun reading it together and talking about the content. I know this book won’t be going anywhere soon, and it won’t be long before our little nature lover is referring back to it.

For now though, she’s loving it so much, she is creating her very own encyclopedia.

This book is available to purchase on Boolino for £10.49 here.


Disclosure: We were sent this book by Boolino. All opinions are our own.

Friends by Boolino

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