Body Pillows aren’t just for pregnancy (Kally Sleep body pillow Review)

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During pregnancy it’s fairly common practice to feel the need to support your blossoming bump with extra pillows at the end of a long day. I did just that with every pregnancy, wedging a v shaped pillow between my legs and under my bump, releasing pressure from all the extra weight and feeling the relief of finally being able to get comfortable and drift off to sleep.

It’s funny how we take such great care of ourselves when carrying a child, yet neglect to consider optimising sleep position the rest of the time.

Earlier this year, after a period of intense exercising (which is supposed to be good for you bah!) I was stuck down with a sudden back injury. It’s something I still haven’t really got to the bottom of, and it remains a constant ache and niggle, varying in degrees of discomfort and flaring up when I least expect it.

Interestingly, it first hit after a night of uncomfortable sleep wedged on my side in my youngest daughters single bed after struggling to settle her during a night wakening phase (again).

My natural sleep position does tend to be on my side, in the foetal position, but often with a decent wedge of the duvet rolled up and a leg flung over the top. I’m particular about my pillows too – I like two, wedged deep into my neck crevice and can’t bear it if the pillows become deformed or too hot!

Honestly, I had never considered a sleep position aid, and even when Kally Sleep contacted me to try out their full body pillow, I was still a little bemused as to how or why this would benefit me. But, with the whole back thing going on, I figured an orthopedic pillow must be worth a shot.

The Kally Sleep full body pillow is essentially a body sized (my body sized!) machine washable sausage shaped pillow, which comes with a free cotton button up pillow case (I went for grey).

The pillow has so far served two purposes in our household. Firstly, it’s acted as a bolster pillow used by both Dad Muddling Through and I whilst reading or watching a bit of telly in bed. It is medium firmness and perfectly comfy for propping up to wind down before sleep.

Once it’s lights out, the pillow is repositioned 90degrees to become the substitute for the edge of the duvet! You lay your head on the pillow, wrap a leg over and give it a bit of a hug and the perfect sleep position is achieved. Much like the pregnancy pillow set up, it relieves the pressure of gravity on your hips and lower back, shoulders, and neck.

A few nights in, Dad Muddling Through was struggling with a pulled rib muscle, so I let him have the pillow for a few days before demanding it back! He certainly wasn’t keen to give it up, and he reckoned it made a big difference on how his aches and pains were supported throughout the night. With a long history of orthopedic complications from a long standing injury, if anyone could do with this pillow, it’s probably him.

I guess the pillow is like the perfect cuddle – supportive, not too hot, never breathing down your neck, and never pinching all the covers!

We did have a few comedy moments with the Kally Sleep pillow. Waking up in the morning to find it acting as some kind of wall between us for a starter. It’s somewhat oddly person sized so it can feel a bit like there’s an extra person in the bed (oooh er!).

Just this morning I crept out of the shower and downstairs to get ready for work, trying not to disturb sleeping Dad Muddling Through, and got the shock of my life to see him stood in the Kitchen making coffee. Yes, the Kally Sleep body pillow is the perfect ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day off’ ‘sleeping under the duvet’ decoy circa 1995.

If a full body length sausage is not for you, Kally Sleep offer a range of pillows designed for optimal sleep. From snoring reduction, height adjustable pillows, nursing and pregnancy support pillows, and even super cute mini body length support pillows for the kids.

I think it’ll definitely take a little while to get the hang of sleeping in this rather novel way after years of just making do with the duvet edge, However, as I approach my 40’s and my orthopedic issues continue to be a problem, I’m certainly keen to help in any way I can to keep my back strong and my spine and neck in the best position during sleep. So it looks as though we might need to make room for an extra Kally Sleep Pillow…we’re going to have to invest in a Super King #ThereWereFourInTheBed…

Fancy a Kally Sleep pillow? You can buy one here


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