When bloggers make books: We need to talk about the terms of my imprisonment

Currently beside my bed, there is a leaning tower of reading material which has, in the last few years become overrun with books by bloggers. I’ve got some of the obvious ones there – The Unmumsy Mum (1&2), Mother Pukka, Hurrah for Gin, You Baby Me Mummy. Plus of course there’s my kindle which has on its e Catalogue an ebook by none other than my partner in crime Motherhood the Real Deal. 

I sat in on a conference at BritMums, or was it Blogfest, last year listening to a panel talk about how they made it from blogger to author and I guess something in me was triggered. It can happen, it does happen, and wouldn’t it just be amazing to see some of my fave bloggers make it as best selling authors.

Well it just so happens that this weekend, a whole host of my blogging besties have done exactly that. And even more exciting, was that I got a sneak preview copy so that I could have a read and tell all of you guys about it.

The book ‘We need to talk about the terms of my imprisonment’ has been compiled by the blogger formerly known as Agent Spitback , Michelle Tan. As well as Michelles always original story telling style, there are a whole selection of the best of the best in blogs, all wrapped up into one little ebook you can peruse at your leisure.

With a forward by blogging icon Harriet Shearsmith, the book is off to a flying start. I guess if you are wondering what kind of Mums this book appeals to, if you like to laugh at the shocking state of life as a Mum most days, then you’ll be just fine. Not for the easily offended or those who like to approach motherhood as a karma state, not to be griped about, then maybe this book isn’t the one for you.

Michelle Tans contribution is so typical of her hilarious work. Off the wall creative and funny, with a undertone of deep and meaningful. You can then follow on to read more and more, short busts of humour and parody through a stream of clever and witty short stories by some of my favourite bloggers such as R is for hoppit, Life Love and Dirty Dishes, Single Mum Speaks, Rhyming with wine, Life is Knutts, Kristin McCarthy, Island Living 365, Colleys Wobbles, So Happy In Town, Mummy Muckups, This Mums life,

Even as a blogger going three years strong I discovered some new names ; The unsung Mum,  And another ten things, The Notorious Mum, Hugzilla, Terry-Anne Kibbles, James Hope, OMGitsagirl. All clearly fabulous writers who whilst names ring bells, I am off to make sure I am following.

So if you think you’d appreciate a laugh along to short stories named such things as ‘Peppa Pig is more addictive than Cocaine warn experts’, or ‘Why can’t we have sex like the coneheads’, or perhaps ‘ Together against PENIS’ and then of course ‘ We need to talk about the terms of my imprisonment’ then this book is definitely worth downloading…

I’m wishing all these fabulous contributors every success with their literary achievement and I’ll  raising a glass to you this Saturday on launch day! Cheers xxx


You can download ‘We need to talk about the terms of my imprisonment’ on amazon here

from Saturday 21 April 2018.

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2 thoughts on “When bloggers make books: We need to talk about the terms of my imprisonment

  1. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    Thank you so much for reviewing this for us my lovely bloggy friend. So pleased you enjoyed it and found lots of new people to follow too!

    Cake and hugs xxx

  2. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes Reply

    Thanks for reviewing Sarah. I still can’t beleive I’m in a book!!!

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