Bing Live! Is coming to Kent @OrchardTheatre

Next week is a pretty huge week here in the muddling through household. No, not because it marks the start of our summer holidays, or even the end of our renovation, but I’m taking the girls to see one of their real life heroes in the flesh. Or should that be black fur (in dungarees). 

Love him or hate him, Bing has always been the girls absolute favourite Cbeebies character. And, despite perhaps understanding why some folk find his somewhat cumbersome nature irritating, I’ve always kind of loved Bings ability to do a columbo. Whatever that even means.

Bing Facts for the hardcore Bingsters:

#1 Pre-school Show on BBC iPlayer, over 250 million requests

#2 most popular show on iPlayer across the entire BBC

#1 show for Kids 2-5 on Amazon Prime UK (3rdApril 2018)

Top rated show on CBeebies reaching over 540,000 viewers (Barb w/e 8 Apr 2018

110k followers on Facebook, over 1 million reached per month

And so as Bing and Flop prepare to set down in Dartford Orchard Theatre for one day only, on Wednesday 25 July 2018, there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity to get the girls and the big guy in a room together.

Bing Live

The Orchard theatre is somewhere I’ve taken Tigs before to see a spot of David Walliams literature on stage, and whilst that was perhaps beyond the Mouse’s attention span, I know if anyone can hold her down, it’s got to be Bing and Mr Hoppity Boosh. In fact, if Flop could speak a few calm yet firm words to her too, it might go down well. Perhaps I can ask him for some positive parenting advice afterwards…The Orchard, please tell me there is a meet and greet?!

I haven’t told the girls yet about the surprise theatre trip next week, but even I am a little bit buzzing to have something so exciting lined up for them. It’ll bring a whole new dimension to being able to fulfill the words I have heard so SO many times at 2.30 on a tired afternoon… “I want to watch Bing”.

The one day only spectacular is split into three showings – 10am, 1pm and 4pm, and is aimed towards pre-schoolers and their families. Therefore any worries about the kids ability to sit through the show can be cast aside and replaced with excitement for seeing Pando, and finding out if he will be wearing any pants for the performance.

The show promises to feature all the favourite characters, and no doubt there will be a few Bing style mishaps. Tigs who has begun turning her nose up to all things Cbeebies will, I have no doubt, be entirely starstruck.

These types of shows have always amazed me – the clever puppetry and colourful theatrics will not fail to wow audiences young and old. I’m also secretly looking forward to a live hearing of Flops dulcet tones, and I am really hoping some of the darkest mysteries of Bing might be unravelled. I mean just what is flop anyway, and what are the relationships between all these ragdoll grown ups and their animal children? Hoping to find out all the answers and at very least see the kids with Bing Bunny shaped starry eyes.

I guess we’ll never really know what it is that charms the kids so much about this show, perhaps it’s just a Bing thing.


Bing Live! Is currently touring the UK and will be in Kent at the Orchard theatre on Wednesday 25th July. Tickets are on sale now at the Orchard theatre website.

Disclosure: We were gifted tickets for Bing Live! In exchange for this promotional post. And we really cannot flipping (or should that be flop’ing) wait.


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