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It’s the final countdown. The bank holiday weekend marks the end of a summer holiday to remember, and all of a sudden the reality of all the back to school stuff you seemed to have AGES to do suddenly feels a little bit, well, a massive panic.

I made good progress at the end of term. I wrote a list, which is more than I’ve done before. Still, with two school girls to cater for from this September, our back to school shopping list just doubled.

It’s fair to say that at this stage, with one going in to reception and one moving up from infants to juniors, that it’s quite s special year. The seven year old in me therefore thinks that a perfectly legitimate treat for the girls is some new school gear to see them into their new routines from every child’s dream stationary shop, Smiggle.


A Smiggle rucksack is for kids in 2019 what a Benetton bag was for us in 1992. And frankly, I get the hype.

Our daughters school doesn’t encourage rucksacks in the infants, and a book back is compulsory in reception for all the right reasons. That said, as the kids grow a little older and start to want to express their individuality (as well as carry all their crap) a rucksack is the ideal hold all for the school day.

We pushed the boundaries a little and have used a rucksack for school for a while now, and having done so have learnt the hard way what to look for in the perfect school bag.

This rucksack from Smiggle is a perfect combination of function, fun and fabulous. Size wise it’s big enough to carry everything needed from rain macs to discarded cardigans, homework and art projects, and just about the right size for a seven year old to manage without landing on their back. It hosts a whole variety of side and zip pockets; ideal for sneaking in those swapsy toys or rubbers and all the other little treasures that make their way to and from school.

The side pockets are deep enough to carry a tall water bottle without it toppling out, which we have discovered is a key feature of any school bag.

The shoulder straps are comfy and padded, and there is a lunch bag ‘clip on’ feature which works with the compatible smiggle lunch bags for hands free transit.

Lunch bag with strap

Luckily enough we were also provided a lunch bag to check out. That said, this bag is for the Mouse, who will be transitioning from nursery to reception and joining the big kids for lunch like her sister.

The jury is out as to whether she’ll get the hang of school dinners, being such a tricky eater. That said, I’m planning on persevering and hoping the shared experience encourages her to try new things.

Even still, there will always be the school trips, the gym club snacks and the picnics where a lunch box will be an essential part of school kit, and with this neat compact wipeable lunch bag, she’s set to go, however it pans out.

BPA free Water bottles

Things have changed since I was a kid. Thank God.

These days, it’s the norm to provide your child not with a pencil case or wallpaper to cover their books, but a bottle of water for them to lug in, barely touch, then lug home again. #SadButTrue

Still, what could encourage them to remember to hydrate throughout the day, than the coolest in water bottles.

These samples from Smiggle in Neon leopard and sweet ice cream designs will put a huge smile on the girls faces on their first day back to school, and who knows, maybe they’ll even come home empty.

Maybe not, but one thing is certain, and that’s that I just earnt some serious Mum brownie points with my kids.


Disclosure: Gifted items in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

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