Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid review

Just last month we transformed our youngest daughters bedroom into an under the sea mermaid paradise, complete with coral reef, sparkling walls and fish hanging from the ceiling.

Her affinity for all things aquatic however stems way back to before she was born, and she has always had a connection to the element water – it’s right at her core (and in her real name too).

So clown fish, sea urchins, shells and sea horses have always been her thing, and it goes without saying, that as much as every other four year old girl she is OBSESSED with mermaids.

Her older sister has had her Baby Born sister doll a while now, and Trixie is a firm member of the family. Despite The Mouse having her own little boy Baby born, those luscious locks of the Little sister doll have been admired from afar (and played with whilst her sister is at school) ever since her arrival.

So when we were offered a Little sister mermaid doll to road test, I knew just the girl for the job.

Our impressively sized parcel arrived in perfect condition, complete with the 32 inch doll, a removable tiara and a comb.

The doll requires 3 AA batteries prior to play but other than that there is no complicated set up, it’s set to go.

The doll has a sparkly rubber textured tail and the standard doll head and arms. Her long blonde and purple hair is silky and smooth (even after it’s first few baths) and seems to be robust from tangles and frizz which has plagued so many of the girls dolls.

One of the most striking differences in the Mermaid from the standard Little Sister doll (aside from the lack of legs of course) is her lovely face. Her eyes are bright and kind, her expression soft and of course, so sparkly.

The Mouse spent a good couple of weeks playing with her mermaid doll on dry land before her maiden voyage. I’m terrible for resisting getting dolls in the bath as the water can get stuck inside them forever more can’t it?! However, how can I argue with a mermaid doll whose function is to actually swim in water?

And so, our mermaid did swim, much to the Mouse’s delight, on her own in an empty bath. The water sensors on the tail activate when the tail and tummy is immersed, initiating the mermaid tail swimming motion, which along with the buoyancy of the doll, propels her slowly but surely, through the water.

It wasn’t long before she had company. And who can blame the mouse…swimming with a mermaid? Yes please!

As we drained out the water from the mermaid doll, I realised that this is a doll who belongs in the bath with the kids – it’s the bath toy to end all bath toys as far as the kids are concerned, and at a price of around £24.49 I think it’s excellent value for money.

So needless to say the mermaid doll has been a HUGE hit with the girls; she’s been in her bed, in the bath, on the school run, and word has it been the topic of conversation at nursery. In fact, I would have loved a doll like this when I was a girl… I might just have to take her for a whirl when I escape for a bath one of these days!


Disclosure: Doll gifted for the purpose of this review, all opinions are our own

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One thought on “Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid review

  1. Kim Carberry Reply

    This sounds like a great doll. Fantastic to play with in and out of the water. It sounds like your girl really loves it x

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