An introduction into Aromatherapy with @OrganicAromas

Despite being entirely new to aromatherapy, I have to confess, deep down I always knew it was going to be a piece of me.

The signs have always been there – an obsession with scented candles, a undeniable response to certain fragrances, passionate about a particular brand of linen spray and a sucker for the sleepy benefits of lavender.

My experience of aromatherapy however fizzled out with the fragrance oil burners I had as a teenager, and the occasional incense stick I used to must up my bedroom, mixed with the smell of fags from a night out and charlie red.

Despite a penchant for the benefits of fragrance on your mood and balance, I just haven’t ever really got around to exploring the market when it comes to aromatherapy.

A good friend raved about the Premium essential oil nebulising diffusers, and I have to say the idea appealed.

So with a slightly selfish objective, I was happy to oblige when Organic aromas offered me a review of one of their Bernoulli’s principle Nebulizing Diffusers so I could find out for myself just how Aromatherapy could work for me.

I decided on a Organic Aromas Mobile mini nebulising diffuser 2.0, which I felt offered a functionality I could really optimise. It is rechargable via a USB and with more of a robust design, is practical for movement from room to room and perhaps a little less fragile in design and more child-proof than some of the more ornate glass and wood models. It’s anodised aluminum structure certainly lends itself a little more towards flying balls / toys / feet, and that’s just Dad Muddling Through.

I paired my diffuser with a lavender essential oil, given this is a known quantity to me – a scent I know has had a positive effect on my ability to relax, sleep and reduce anxiety. I’ve used pillow sprays and dried lavender, as well as bubble baths and teas, so I know this is a scent that works for me.

I have been using the diffuser for a few weeks now, and have found it extremely simple to operate. A touch button indicates operation and when charged the diffuser can cordlessly vaporize the oil into the room in a cycle of one minute bursts and breaks, for a period of two hours before automatically switching off.

The refilling process is straight forward too, and a little oil goes a long way, with the unit being easy to switch off when you feel the room is ‘done’.

I have been accompanied by the diffuser in the lounge in the evenings, in the bathroom during a relaxing soak and in the bedroom before settling down for the night. It’s firmly taking over any scented candles and the automatic turn off function serves as a safeguard for those times I may just forget to switch off.

With the benefit of no water, naked flame or even connected wires, this is far more practical and safe than any other type of room diffuser I have used before, and seems to be an efficient use of starting oils with little waste. I was a little curious about what on earth is going on inside that glass bulb, so sought out this little guide from Organic Aromas…

I know I’m going to be at the end of my lavender before long and am keen to explore some other essential oils in the nebulising diffuser. I guess I will have to do my homework and start working my way through some other scents.

Rosemary for example is said to be beneficial to your circulation, Ylang Ylang is good for anxiety (and is also an aphrodisiac) and tea tree oil has antiseptic properties so would work wonders for those winter respiratory bugs (and summer insect type bugs too).

I’m certainly on a roll with my diffuser and will be on the look out for more natural organic aromatherapy applications to continue my exploratory journey through aromatherapy for wellness. But so far? Definitely, so good.


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