101 uses for a Muslin :Lil’ Cubs Giveaway

Muslins. A Mums best friend? (Or was that Merlot?…) Either way, I reckon between us we could come up with 101 uses for the little raggy squares, do you?

I’ll kick start this off- please reply in the comments with your crazy and ingenious functionalities for the fabric scraps we cannot live without. Also share this post, tweeting me (@mummuddlingthru) and Lil Cubs (@LilCubsClothing).

Tabitha from Lil’ Cubs and I will choose a favourite each in 7 days time, and will send two of you a gorgeous pack of Lil’ Cubs patterned Muslins. Who said Muslins had to be a scuzzy off white?!…

Image of muslin squares

That’s it. Simples. No rafflecopter. No techy stuff. Just a fun comment in the box, and a bit of social sharing. Go Go Go!


  1. Mopping up the milk drool. Obviously, has to be their primary function right?
  2. Mopping up milk on the way back up. Unpleasant, but true.
  3. Bottle insulator. Ever wrapped up a feed in a Muzzie to keep it cool / warm? Kinda works.
  4. Temporary cot sheet. Those newbie babies spit up quite a lot. I figured washing muslins had to be easier than washing sheets?! Did you work that one out?
  5. Comforter. LOADS of kids I know are rarely spotted without dragging a raggy old Muslin behind them. Cute.
  6. Window cleaner. Non fibre shedding. The perfect fabric to clean the smears off the glass. Try it!
  7. Play park drying device. It’s rained, what else could you dry the swing & slide with?
  8. Sun shade. The umbrellas are pretty useless. Muslins work so much better.
  9. Toddler table cloth. Cleaner than a table for sure.
  10. Steaming a Christmas pud. The original use for muslin fabric. What a perfectly festive fact for this time of year.
  11. Bib. Picture the scene: Italian restaurant, new baby outfit (white, obv), Spag Bol. I was sure there was a bib in this bag?!
  12. Dribble bib. We aren’t getting through another soaked top today. Step in super-muz.
  13. Tea towel. Muslin over one shoulder, tea towel over the other. Glamorous? No. Interchangeable? Apparently.
  14. Anonymity mask. More one for the celeb world, think MJ…
  15. Shepherds headdress. Another seasonal gem.
  16. Blanket. Summer, obviously. Not sure it’d cut it as a January snuggler, but perfect for those roasting summer naps.
  17. ……

Over to you lovely people…


MMT has not been compensated in any way for this post. You get the free stuff this time, not me. I’m just giving a leg up to a Mum of two, like me, with a dream. A dream which I happen to believe in….

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30 thoughts on “101 uses for a Muslin :Lil’ Cubs Giveaway

  1. Laura @Life with Baby Kicks Reply

    Oh so many…. blanket in the mall when the AC is blowing, a pashmina to cover my shoulders, a duster frequently, a super hero cape.

    My best use was tying them round my knees to be appropriately dressed while getting my Dubai visa….

  2. El Reply

    I can relate to your list! Especially the mopping. I have also used it as a temporary diaper when I’ve run out…but ssshhh don’t tell anyone because I am too perfect to forget packing diapers for a diaper bag! I’ve also used it as a breastfeeding cover, as a cover for supermarket trolley seats and as a pillow for sleeping in the trolley when baby became a toddler…now that my kids have outgrown it, my daughter used the old ones to make her craft/fabric projects. She tried to make an outfit for her bunnies. We never waste in this household, we re-use to the very end. 🙂

  3. This Mum's Life Reply

    My husband often uses them as a gag preventer, he ties them around his mouth and nose when changing particularly putrid nappies, in order to prevent the smell reaching his nostrils, thus preventing a gag reflex!!

  4. theloveofacaptain Reply

    I cannot believe I have never thought to use a muslin to help keep bottle warm. Dur!

    My best use was to aid baby with sleeping, use muslin to wipe breast milk and wrap it around babies Moses mattress (safely!) which helps soothe them through the night. More sleep = Win win!

  5. occupation:(m)other Reply

    Oh I hope we do get to 101! Hmm yes to lots of the above. We’ve also used the small ones as a sun hat for my little one. I regularly wipe the mud from the wheels of my pushchair with a muslin before sticking it in the car. The big ones as as extensions to picnic blankets. I used them for swaddling in the early days too. My mum uses muslns for wine making (much like the christmas pud idea). Wet and cold for a fevered forehead and finally a buggy raincover as well as a sunshade!

  6. Mrs Lighty Reply

    Comforter for mummy?! At least I used to seem to wake up with hundreds of them in the bed with me after the night feed when Baby Lighty was tiny and I didn’t know if I was cooking or going…!!

  7. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) Reply

    My mum taught me how to fold and tie them to make a muslin dolly – great for an emergency soft toy and for keeping little ones entertained 🙂

    1. MMT Reply

      Amazing! Up to 38 so far guys….. Keep em coming! X MMT

  8. naygreg Reply

    Emergency changing mat when out and about and it’s just too yucky to put the baby directly on ‘that’ changing unit!

  9. Morgan Prince Reply

    Oh this is so fun!

    A keepsake. It keeps baby’s smell, vomit, drool, milk and all. It may smell awful but it will remind you of the days when the baby was so unbelievably cute! 🙂

  10. mand Reply

    Whoah alot of suggestions.

    Mine are a cool blanket on a warm day for my little boy, shoulder/back protection when winding, my best friend sent me some very large ones from australia and on 1 of the warm evenings i was concerned about the temperature of the room i used the muslin attatched to the window to let the breeze in but bugs out, worked a treat.
    Spontaneous ppinic blanket.

  11. Complicated Gorgeousness Reply

    The most perfect and wonderful use is to play peek a boo over and over and over and over again!! Beautiful first game xx

  12. Anita Cleare (@thinking_parent) Reply

    I once used one as a makeshift bandage for my son’s arm! It fell off though because I am rubbish at first aid! (The muslin, not his arm….) 🙂

  13. mummuddlingthrough Reply

    46!!! X

  14. mummuddlingthrough Reply

    Ok… 47… Snot rag! When there isn’t a tissue in sight….

  15. Heatherbake Reply

    Emergency changing mat. When the actual mat has been pee-d on and she could blow at any time.

    I also put one on the changing mat when she was newborn so it wasn’t so cold when she went on it (anything to save tears!)

  16. Unhinged Mummy Reply

    Mine are mainly used for mopping up spilt drinks when I’ve run out of or forgotten to buy kitchen roll. Especially good for soaking up wine cause you can just suck it right back out. Nobody likes to waste good wine! That second part was a joke by the way but you knew that right? 😉 Things haven’t got that bad. Yet!

  17. Robyn Reply

    That’s a pretty comprehensive list & then there’s so many more in the comments – uses I’d never thought of! At the moment they’re good for throwing over things baby wants but can’t have while trying to wrangle him for feeds (eg, cell phones and tv remotes)!

  18. Tabitha - Lil' Cubs Reply

    52) (I think?!) I currently have one stuffed down my bra whilst my baby’s feeding to avoid letdown leakage!!! Someone please remind me to buy breastpads…

  19. Mama Mim (@mamamimblog) Reply

    Love muslins and their multiuse awesomeness! We’ve used them as a makeshift change mat too 🙂 oh and a kids bandana hat in the sun! Mim x #SundayStars

    1. MMT Reply

      Sun? What’s that?! Ha ha just kidding, although us here in Blighty probably more likely to use them as a makeshift scarf xxx

  20. BookBairn (@BookBairn) Reply

    BookBairn loves to have an extra-large muslin thrown over her and play peek-a-boo with it. Or to use it as a ghost costume!

  21. Silly Mummy Reply

    (The giant ones) To dress Mary in the Nativity Play. To dress Joseph in the Nativity Play. To dress the shepherds in the Nativity Play. To dress the Wise Men in the Nativity Play. To wrap Baby Jesus in the Nativity Play. For Mary to sit on on the donkey’s back in the Nativity Play. You see where I’m going – yes, I believe it is possible to entirely costume a Nativity Play using muslins! #sundaystars

  22. Sugar&Rhubarb Reply

    we just used ours to make an oat bath for our chicken pox covered toddler! I love the idea of using it as a sheperd’s costume – that’s Christmas sorted!!

  23. newmummyblogcom Reply

    Mopping up anything, milk, dribble, spilt tea. I used to use them to catch milk leakage when breast feeding…. That’s one bit I don’t miss, oh how I miss breast feeding H 🙁
    I must say, they are just a staple item in every bag I have, that thing you take out and wonder why you’ve been carrying it around in your handbag (and how long it’s been there!). Every bag has one, handbag, tote, car glove box, car seats, boot, hubby’s jacket pocket…
    H loves them, she uses them to play peekaboo, to hide toys and then ‘find’ them, to put in her tubs (along with a duck, foam mat circle and egg cup!).

  24. Heledd - Running in Lavender Reply

    OOh I’m a big fan of a good muslin and the bigger swaddle ones!! Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxx

    1. Heledd - Running in Lavender Reply

      oop! Meant -Thank you so much for linking up to #SundayStars xxx

  25. Tabitha Lil' Cubs Reply

    Time to get down and dirrrrty
    – if you’ve lost the handcuffs they make good alternative…
    – (don’t scream at me for writing this) run out of maternity pads? Don’t stress, I’m sure there’s an emergency muzzie in your bag until you get to the shops

  26. Kate Eccles Reply

    Did you reach 101? I once made a makeshift top for my daughter when she soaked herself with the tap so we didn’t have to leave soft play 🙂

  27. Laura Reply

    Taking off makeup. If it’s good enough for Eve Lom…

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