Quotes from the G-unit: November 2015

Back once again, to freeze in time the little gems delivered courtesy of (normally) Tigs. This month, we have a debut appearance from Dangermouse…

Probably my least popular posting series, but one of my absolute favourites to look back at…so I’m sticking with it! Screw the stats!

Hilarious one liners, heartwarming snippets, just bits and pieces of childhood innocence I never ever want to forget…


Tigs: “Mummy, what are those lines in the sky?”

MMT: ?


MMT: “Oh! Those are power cables, carrying electricity.”

Tigs: “But I can’t see it?”

MMT: “It’s very tiny”

Tigs: “But it might fall off”

Tigs: “Mummy, isn’t it sad that Daddy is at work. He is missing all our good fun.”

Tigs: “Mummy, what are those blue things on the houses?”

MMT: “They’re called solar panels”

Tigs: “But what are they for?”

MMT: “They turn the sunshine into electricity, so we can turn on our lights indoors”.

Tigs:”Can we have them?!”

MMT: “Erm? You can ask Daddy that one later”

Tigs: “I know, we can ask Father Christmas! Or does he only bring toys and dresses?…”

[Whilst listening to ‘Let it Go’ for the twenty zillionth time in the car…]

Dangermouse: “GO”

Tigs: “Mummy, look…a mushroom! I won’t eat it. It’s poisonous. I’m a clever clogs”

Tigs, on the greatest Love of all:

Tigs: ” I love you Mummy. And I love Daddy. And I love [Dangermouse].”

MMT: “That’s lovely. Is there anyone else that you love?”

Tigs: “I love…*thinks long and hard*…myself”

MMT: “Come on hurry up [Tigs], we’ll be late”

Tigs: “No we won’t Mummy. We are never late”

She’s damn right you know …*The curse of being a punctual Mum*

Tigs : “At nursery today Mummy, we watched a film about a Rabbit. The rabbit was so happy until the darkness came. And the crashes. The rabbit was scared so he hid under a hat. The crashes kept coming and the bird hid under the hat too. And the snail. And then, the darkness went away again. And the friends were happy again.

And then, there were Poppies everywhere”.

Yep, that was Tigs on Armistice day. Describing, amazingly accurately, the incredibly beautiful and moving ‘Poppies’ animation. Did you see it? Just gorgeous…she was somewhat taken with it too…


Till next time…






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