The Nickelodeon Years

It feels like yesterday that I published blog posts about CBeebies and the joys of baby centric tots TV; In the Night Garden, Cloudbabies, Baby Jake Wooly and Tig, Let’s play and, for my sins, show me show me.

It felt pure freestyle when we followed through with some Disney obsessions (before being yanked back to CBeebies round two when The Mouse demanded her turn).

And yet, despite thinking those days would never end, here we are, not even knowing who the hell is who on the bedtime hour any more.

Because we have reached a new era.

Having younger siblings 15 years or so my junior, I remember wandering into the lounge and wondering who the hell the obnoxious American pre teens were, who had hi jacked the TV rendering anything vaguely watchable off the agenda.

And thanks to the wonders of on demand TV, and a dedicated channel for this kind of viewing content, I’m now living the American dream right here in my home in the south East of England.

As if my six year old needed to learn any more Sass, she has now modelled her body language and phrases of speech on some teenage girls with more attitude than Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball; declaring she is “sick and tired of my rules” when I ask her not to forget to brush her teeth.

I’m not sure whether to be horrified, or just grateful she isn’t watching more videos of screechy kids opening plastic collectibles on you tube…

And yes, sure, I know, TV isn’t the ONLY option – believe me I have told them this, many, many times. But in lockdown, when stopping them from killing each other, when you have not an ounce left to give, you’re all baked and play doughed out and you have taken your daily exercise (in the rain), and you have confiscated Roblox, tablets and Playstation, the telly doesn’t seem too bad an option while you have a cuppa and sit in silence staring into your own soul.

So thanks to the likes of The Thundermans, she is learning how to be the ‘annoying yet fiesty’ little sister.


Henry Danger is teaching her sarcasm and how to drop kick her sister.


And iCarly is fuelling her wildest dreams of growing up to have her own You Tube show. Not quite the ambitions of STEM superpowers I hoped to instill in my empowered daughters…


But, on the positive side, at least there is some culture. Isn’t there?

One thing I do know, is that I’ve never been so relieved to hear a British accent when I made the kids sit and watch Blue Peter.


Bring back Saturday morning Kids TV and the broom cupboard!


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