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Social media can be a double edged sword when it comes to parenting. On one hand it’s a place to find your tribe, laugh along with the memes and find the other parents muddling through… yet on the other, it’s a highlight reel of peoples perfect lives which can take you down as quick as you can say #PinterestPerfect.

It can be hard to remain grounded and to not compare yourselves to others, when they are constantly drip fed into your subconscious through social media. It’s a dangerous place to play, which is why it is SO important to share the reality of parenting, to remind your audience that all is not always what it may seem.

This is one of the reasons I created Mum Muddling Through. It was a place to say it’s ok that your kid whinges. A LOT.

It’s actually not just you whose kid prefers not to sleep. Ever.

You aren’t alone in your repeat failed attempts at potty training.

It’s alright to admit that you find motherhood hard. Really bloody hard sometimes.

That hat didn’t look so cool when The Mouse lobbed it over the nursery fence on the school run…

And to highlight the lonely moments, because behind the #findyourtribeandlovethemhard are endless empty hours between play dates.

And the irony is, behind every image there is a real life story. Smiling faces which perhaps were a momentary break from tantrums. A trip outdoors which was to get everyone in the house away from the pull of their digital devices.

Never be fooled by the images of our kids at our allotment, that it doesn’t take plenty of snacks, bribes and breaks back to the house to keep them entertained.

Behind every OOTD post lies a mountain of dirty laundry.

Behind every home cooked balanced meal lies a bowl of washing up and unfinished plates.

Behind every act of self care is a whole load of self doubt.

And that is real life.

That is real parenting.


This post is written in collaboration with Sudocrem campaign to share your Parenting pefection vs reality posts using #MyParentingReality.

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